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From February 10 to April 17, 2019

Mercury in Pisces isn’t the best position, as Mercury is logical and Pisces is intuitive, but nevertheless, this transit can be inspiring and relaxing.

Mercury will stay in Pisces longer this year and will go Retrograde in March (5 to 28). Therefore, it will keep us more silent and introverted during these 3 weeks.

During Mercury in Pisces, intuition will increase but communication might lack clarity.

People might not play the game fairly; dreams and ideals will remain nebulous and vague. Lies and illusions are possible, deception will follow.

Pisces is sensitive, imaginative and compassionate which is much appreciated during this challenging time on planet Earth.

When Mercury in Pisces, is transiting

If you know what you want to achieve, you can achieve it. But you might not be able to express your thoughts and desires as clearly as you'd like. A relaxing activity could help!

You focus on values and finances but don’t take any risks if the situation is unclear. Define your needs and expectations. And read the fine print!

You will be open and talkative, you will engage conversation with ease, especially with neighbors and siblings. Writing is favored as your imagination is active!

Contacts with family could become emotional and you might find yourself hiding the truth, especially to protect a close one. Memories resurface and you’ll be filled with nostalgia.

This is an excellent time for writing and expressing your creative skills. Poetry, music will have a smoothing effect. Constructive talks with children.

You can improve teamwork and communication with colleagues. Good time to study health and nutrition. You need to think about getting a better balance.

This isn’t the best time for negotiation, but it is important to talk to your partners. At home or at work, you need to express your thoughts and feelings!

It’s a time of profound thinking and introspection. Revealed secrets, topics on mortality, intrigues are possible. Joint money and property can be involved.

You put energy into learning, expanding and also, traveling. You are curious but you don’t necessarily need to be active. Listening to music is favored.

  are more sensitive and more creative, it’s time to talk to your boss about your needs and objectives. Your social life is busy but you can be quite passive!

You share your time with people sharing the same interests, the same passions and the same approach. You are compassionate with friends and helpful.

You feel like withdrawing and keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself. You might be asked to keep a secret. It is a good time for research or study alone!

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