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Cancer Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    From January 3 onwards, Venus will support your financial transactions, putting you in a good mood for the beginning of the New Year. Mars in the shadow of your sign will force you to fight against people who oppose your ideas. You will have to raise your profile and show that you deserve to be trusted with the launch of a project. Expect a quiet love life and tense family relationships.


    Venus' stay in Pisces until February 20 will benefit your love life. It will bring tenderness and sweetness to your relationship, or trigger a romantic encounter if you are single. From the 12th, Mercury will urge you to change your financial strategy. Acting in a hurry will quickly turn out to be counterproductive. Protect yourself by trying to anticipate events.


    Jupiter will urge you to work hard, even if it means pushing beyond your limits. When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, it will be on your side, inspiring you to solve ongoing difficulties. Until the 15th, expect frustration and tension in your sentimental affairs. After that, you should finally be able to make some great memories with your other half or latest crush.


    Mars in your sign will provide you with the energy needed to counter the assaults of Jupiter asking you to prove yourself by stepping up the pace in every domain of your life. You'll be able to dig yourself out of any holes in an impressive fashion. You will feel very dynamic, and you will enjoy flirting around without getting too close to anyone in particular.

  • MAY

    Mars will support your collaborations until May 20. Some financial or administrative concerns could be on the menu, as important files will be at a standstill. From the 8th, your love life will once again become your priority, with Venus spicing things up on the sentimental front. On May 16, Jupiter will enter Taurus, leaving you exhausted by its demands.

  • JUNE

    Mercury will bring you good professional news. If a proposal comes your way, this will be a good time to seriously look into it. On top of being intuitive, Jupiter in Taurus will also make you clear-headed. You will know how to sniff out and make the most of exciting opportunities. Success will come at the cost of great fatigue. You will have to take a breather.

  • JULY

    Mercury will teach you to decipher situations. Observe and listen before drawing conclusions and taking action. If things are going your way, Mars in Virgo will recommend caution to avoid unexpected issues. A case of love at first sight will be possible if you are still single. In a relationship, Venus will warm up your feelings.


    Venus and Mars will allow you to form solid and fulfilling emotional bonds. You will enjoy a new exciting encounter and/or find unusual ways to strengthen your relationship. You will get rid of your preconceived ideas, surprise your colleagues and come up with inventive ideas. Don't be upset if some people aren't happy to see you shine!


    Mercury and Venus are going direct, which is good news for your relationships and will encourage you to talk to your partner, family and friends. Single, a passionate love affair could surprise you and take a serious turn. At work, you will have to learn how to pace yourself if you want to cope with thankless tasks and extra responsibilities.


    Venus supports your social life, and your friends' friends will be your friends too. At work, you will reach agreements with partners and colleagues. The Mars/Saturn trine will be a considerable asset for your professional life. Cunning and determined, you will achieve your goals. However, this will prove to be a very mixed month for your sentimental life.


    With Venus looking after your family relationships, you will truly enjoy spending time with your loved ones. In a relationship, you'll be in the mood to make your home as comfortable as possible. Single, you will be tired of being reminded of how lonely you feel. A financial setback is possible between the 1st and the 4th. Saturn will favor in-depth work and reflection rather than mindless action.


    From the 4th, Mercury and Venus will bring stability in your sentimental relationship and professional alliances. Single, it will be time to settle down with someone capable of making you happy. In a relationship, you and your partner will be inseparable. At work, Mars will expose your limits, but the support of understanding colleagues will keep you going.

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