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Cancer Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Cancer
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Until the 11th, Mars boosts your dynamism and combative nature. Moreover, the stars in beneficial aspects with Neptune inspires you. You may experience a stroke of genius! You're extremely motivated and feel the need to fight for an ideal or defend a cause, even yours, why not! Love is present for couples and singletons. Unexpected encounters, love at first first, be ready!

  • Your love life

    Lucky Cancer who receives Venus at home. The beautiful one offers a trine with Jupiter at the beginning of the month and carries on with a Uranus sextil and ends with a trine with Neptune this time. Suffice to say, that she'll have a knack at things and so will you! Charm and seduction in every way. Love comes on a silver platter for couples and an unexpected encounter for singletons. A romantic agenda during beautiful summer!

  • Your career

    Extremely inspired by Neptune, guided by your wonderful intuition, you'll really trust your judgments and decisions. Moreover, Jupiter offers you luck and popularity. Enough to make you move forward without turning back! For once, past will be in the past and you'll be optimistic. However, don't forget about the Mercury in retrograde, which may trigger delays and complications. But you'll be equipped to handle this.

  • Your finances

    Mars's entry in the sector 12th onward gives you the required strength to ask for your due, a raise, get back the money you had lent and you never got it back! Its opposition with Pluto could make you a little aggressive if you don't get what you want...Don't get involved in tough situations, where willingness won't matter. Avoid getting overwhelmed.

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars brings you the energy you need, you'll need to learn to handle this as it's not something usual and its opposition with Pluto may make you clumsy, trigger hurts and other little issues...Love is your best ally for all these aches and pains! You won't mind getting pampered at the slightest issue. You need to keep an eye on your emotionalism which will be tested with the Sun/Mercury in the shadow of your sign...

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