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Taurus Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    The Mercury/Saturn duo dissonant to your sign makes you feel like you're swimming against the tide. But giving up is out of the question, especially with Mars supporting your initiatives and filling you with strength and energy from the 25th. Protected by the Venus/Sun duo, your love life should prove incredibly fulfilling and rewarding!


    With the Venus/Mars duo, passion is on the menu in your love life! The Mercury/Pluto duo makes you pretty spontaneous and mysterious... Freed from the Uranus/Saturn square, you find it easier to move your life forward. Your intuition won't let you down. Mars supports your projects during what promises to be an exciting month!


    A tense and frustrating month... Talk to the people around you. The Jupiter/Mercury duo in Pisces helps you find solutions to your problems. Don't waste any opportunity to calm things down. Constantly trying to move your life back in the right direction will, unsurprisingly, cause you to feel exhausted on more than one occasion.


    April, the month of love? It looks like it! The planets in Pisces bring you closer to your partner by helping you find ways to spice up your relationship. Single, you're likely to meet someone special! Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in your sign have a constructive and successful month planned as far as your career is concerned.

  • MAY

    Your love life remains in the background! From the 11th, the positive influxes of Jupiter are nowhere to be seen. But giving up isn't in your nature! With the support of Mars and the energy coming from the Sun/Uranus duo, you will take control of your own life and make the changes you have in mind.

  • JUNE

    Love is the only thing on your mind! With the Venus/Uranus duo in your sign, you're more charming than usual. This is the perfect time to meet someone new! Your relationships with friends, relatives, colleagues or lovers are looked after. Neptune square the Sun urges you not to spend too much money!

  • JULY

    Mars joins Uranus in your sign to give your confidence a fantastic boost. Doubting yourself or any of your decisions is out of the question! You're in the mood to get constructive projects underway. But be careful not to lose your temper in public! Venus gives your finances a boost until the 18th.


    You simply love spending time with your friends, family and partner. You're in the mood to make the most of what life has to offer with your loved ones this August! From the 12th, some of you could start hanging out with an ex again... Trying to move your career forward will have to wait until next month!


    A lively return to work! Mercury retrograde triggers unexpected difficulties in the office. Venus urges you to express your feelings and surround yourself with people you can 100% trust. You could be lied to or taken advantage of on the 25th. But you should forgive that person before the end of the month!


    Under the influxes of the Saturn/Uranus square, you're beginning to wonder if your life is heading in the right direction. You don't know whether you'd rather live in the past or the future! With the Venus/Sun duo in Libra, you're irresistible. Kind and smiley, you know how to get people to like you!


    Jupiter moves back to Pisces, much to your delight! Its aspects with the Sun and Pluto make it easier for you to take initiatives, stimulate your intuition and encourage you to be more ambitious. In love, The Venus/Mercury/Sun trio and Jupiter should bring passion and intense emotions your way!


    The Venus/Pluto duo is back in Capricorn, just like it was in January. We've come full circle! Mercury could bring a sensual encounter your way, especially with Jupiter in Pisces highlighting how desperate you are to love and be loved. Don't be afraid to make your own luck. The festive season shouldn't disappoint!

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