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The first two weeks of December will be prone to attempts at deception and confusion, whether from outside or from within yourself, following Mars’ opposition to Venus on the 1st, then consecutive squares to Mercury’s Neptune (on the 2nd and 6th), Venus (on the 4th), the Sun (on the 14th) and the Full Moon in Gemini on the 8th. We will find it difficult to keep a clear mind and will be more easily manipulated. Perhaps we can count on Saturn’s sextile to Venus on the 2nd and the wearing of an onyx to keep a cool head. The last part of the month will be favorable to new initiatives and especially to projects related to your professional evolution. This is thanks first of all to Mercury’s trine to Uranus on the 17th, then to Jupiter’s return to Aries on the 20th and the New Moon in Capricorn on December 23. On December 21, the Winter Solstice will also help you to realize your projects. For this, materialize the birth of the new Sun in the form of a red candle to which you will entrust your wishes and which you will light on the 25th. Merry Christmas!

Week of December 1st to 10th

On December 1st, Venus in Sagittarius will oppose Mars, encouraging us to enjoy all pleasures, including those of love, even if it means breaking the rules of fidelity for some. Meditation, in the mode of taking a step back, and wearing an onyx will allow you not to fall into excess. On the 2nd, Mercury will square Neptune. Beware of charlatans and false prophets on this day. On the same day, Saturn in sextile to Venus will help those in pain to accept their celibacy and make it an advantage. On the 4th, Neptune will become direct again and will allow us to find a clearer understanding of the universe, of the meaning of our life. Beware, however, of the square of this planet to Venus which could blind our discernment in love. On the 6th it will be Mercury’s turn to square Neptune and for a while again we could be subject to manipulation and deception. Let’s be careful with what we might receive as words and even dreams. Patience, the same day Mercury enters Capricorn and will bring us more intellectual rigor and Cartesian spirit. On the 8th, it will be the full Moon in Gemini, known as the Oak Moon, an excellent moment to make choices for the coming year, to reflect on the meaning of our life. Take out your stones and let them be bathed by the Moon.

Week of December 11 to 18

On December 14, the Sun in Sagittarius will square Neptune. On this day, we should avoid people who might flatter our ego in order to take advantage of us. A ZA Zen type of meditation will undoubtedly help us to see more clearly within ourselves and to avoid the traps of the ego. On the 17th, Mercury will form a trine to Uranus. This will be a good time to put our ideas and our life in order. It will be the right time to launch a plan of economy, of rigor and to go back to the basics. Mercury will also help us to clear up any misunderstandings or disputes that may have arisen in our lives. Take advantage of this day to ask to speak, to discuss with the people concerned.

Week of December 19th to 25th

On December 20th, Jupiter, after retrograding to Pisces, returns to Aries. In doing so, he will communicate to us the desire to move forward, to initiate new projects. On December 21, the Sun will enter Capricorn, which will be the winter solstice, Yule for the Germans, the moment when the new Sun of the year is reborn. On this occasion, take a red candle, symbolizing this new sun, and place it in a cauldron or a hollow plate, symbolizing mother earth. Stretch out your hands and during the following days place your intentions and wishes for the coming year. On the 25th, Christmas Day and the moment when the sun resumes its ascending course, light the candle and let it, with care, burn down. On the 23rd, New Moon in Capricorn, remember to purify your stones and clocks and to formulate your wishes for this lunation. Those related to your professional vocation or the need to distance yourself from your passions will be particularly successful. December 24 is the beginning of Celtic Birch Month, a symbol of renewal and regeneration. Get a piece of bark from this tree and write on it everything you want to welcome back into your life. Keep this « parchment » in a safe place.

Week of December 26 to 31

On December 28 Venus in Capricorn will be in sextile to Neptune. We will then feel a powerful impulse of spirituality and compassion towards others. We will be better able to overcome the passions that sometimes plague our lives and relationships to rise to a more universal and altruistic love that will bring us closer to true happiness. This love will be accompanied by a new, more global and spiritual understanding of the world, especially when Mercury joins Venus on the 29th, even though on the same day Mercury will go retrograde and bring us back to old life situations we have already experienced in order to test us. On December 31, the last day of the year, take advantage of the end of the day, before celebrating New Year’s Eve, to take stock of the past year, what it has brought you, positive or negative. You will be better able to make informed resolutions the next day.

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