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Virgo Monthly Horoscope


- April 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mars in Cancer and Mercury/Uranus in Taurus invite you to stand out. In fact, under the influence of these planets, you have the cards in your hand to develop a project, to concretize an idea. Moreover, your manual and intellectual skills will facilitate many achievements. You will always find yourself on the right side! Your love affairs are going well with Venus in your friendly sign until the 10th, you will be entitled to delicious moments. Then its square to Saturn could lead to some dissensions...

  • Your love life

    Under the influence of Venus in Taurus, until the 10th, you are sure to live your relationship in a rather harmonious climate that will reserve you unforgettable moments. Then the beautiful Venus disappears, joins Gemini and forms a square to Saturn. Ouch! A change of atmosphere! You will have to make concessions or else you will experience some disturbances. Will you make them? Will you ask for them? In any case, avoid taking everything too much to heart, let the storm pass...

  • Your career

    Mars encourages you to take initiatives that will be well received by those around you and will make you want to go further. Saturn in opposition could complicate your life and make you feel discouraged or dissatisfied. However, you can count on the Mercury/Uranus duo to boost your insight and sharpen your reasoning. You will always land on your feet! After the 20th, be more attentive in your dealings and do not take everything at face value!

  • Your finances

    Mercury, your planet, well located in Taurus announces a rather satisfactory financial situation. You will be looking for new ways to increase your savings and better plans to make your investments profitable. In this regard, around the 11th, the Jupiter/Sun duo could create an interesting opportunity that you should not let pass, but we trust you for that! Until the 10th, Venus is generating money, but can incite you to spend! It's up to you to keep your money in check!

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars well situated and the planets in Taurus invigorate you! You feel a strong need to transform yourself. Reviewing your lifestyle will be part of this desire for renewal. Establishing a diet that is more adapted to your real needs, rethinking your way of resting, changing your bedding can be a good idea to stop suffering from back pain for example. Allowing yourself time to pamper yourself, to get some fresh air, to have fun also brings an obvious improvement in your well-being. Adopt it without delay!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 4th, the climate of love encourages you to express your feelings quite naturally.
    On the 13th, you easily pick up on the state of mind of those around you.
    On the 22nd, you are a good listener.
    On the 26th, you bring together imagination, ingenuity and insight!

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