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Virgo Monthly Horoscope


- June 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    As of the 3rd, Mercury resumes its direct march, facilitating everything that has to do with your steps and your communication. This help will be invaluable in countering a sometimes brutal Mars, that pushes you to impulsive reactions. In your love life, Venus pampers you. In Taurus, it invites you to a trip that will strengthen existing ties or bring you face to face with an unexpected encounter, or even love at first sight! As a couple, you will find your complicity.

  • Your love life

    Lots of love everywhere! A sensual Venus devoted to your cause offers you an exquisite month. As a couple, a trip to seal the bond, a reconciliation, a new beginning, everything is possible. You find your connivance. Singletons, for you too, a trip can be a source of encounter, of love at first sight, of happiness. But even if you stay put, the encounter is written in your sky. Keep your eyes and ears open!

  • Your career

    Thanks to Mercury, you will be able to make things run more smoothly, your communication will be clearer and your relationships will be calmer. Professional contacts will bring the results you were expecting, despite the somewhat disturbing influence of Mars. Try not to let yourself get carried away, which could work against you. You have all the qualities required to carry out your tasks, do not let yourself get impressed. Trust yourself!

  • Your finances

    Mercury in Taurus and Mars in the sector boost your finances. You demonstrate a certain business talent as well as a sense of management and moderation. Venus, also in Taurus, is supportive of all your financial transactions. However, be careful not to let yourself get tempted by a purchase that is too expensive, even if the investment seems profitable at first sight. Take time to think about it before making a final commitment.

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars and Jupiter may tire you out by encouraging you to do things too quickly or by encouraging you to indulge in some excesses you are not used to. Your body may call you to order, especially your digestive system. Pluto strengthens your resistance, but that's no reason to go overboard! 22nd onward, you will experience renewed vitality and a carefree attitude. You'll finally give your mind a break!

  • Your astro-dates

    Week from the 1st to the 12th: On the 8th, you meditate on your past experiences to get the best out of them.
    Week from the 13th to the 19th: On the 16th, be more reasonable, excesses are waiting for you!
    Week from the 20th to the 26th: On the 24th, a travel project is on the agenda!
    Week from the 27th to the 30th: On the 29th, a matter of money concerns you...

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