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Virgo Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Virgo
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Venus in Cancer instills an affectionate atmosphere, romantic, if you're a couple and it's really pleasant in your family. You do your best for harmony to last long around you. However, Mars doesn't support you 12th onward. In the shadow, the star will put a damper on your energy, especially since Mercury in retrograde triggers some complications. You'll need to make more effort to continue making your business move forward. Saturn rubs in by giving your more daily obligations.

  • Your love life

    You favorite planet this month? Venus, of course! It visits Cancer and sends you positive vibes, whether you're single or a couple. Affection, hugs, love, kind gestures, you'll do everything for the atmosphere to be peaceful and everyone is happy around you. In your family, exchanges are warm. Singletons need to get ready and welcome the surprising encounter, which could change the course of their lives!

  • Your career

    Until the 11th, you'll benefit from Mars's support who'll motivate you and help you resist complications due to the Mercury in retrograde. 12th onward, your energy won't be as present...You'll need to make twice the effort to achieve the same result. However, Saturn rubs in and doesn't give you interesting tasks. 22nd onward, due to Sun in Cancer and Mercury who moves straight ahead, you resume energy and a taste for properly done work!

  • Your finances

    This month could favor increasing finances or getting a loan or any other request...Mercury which takes a step back comes and blocks or slows down your procedures. Your arguments don't seem convincing and meetings lack clarity and transparency. It's better not to undertake anything given the context. Luckily, you're generally good at managing budgets and responsible with your accounts. You shouldn't come across any financial issues.

  • Your wellbeing

    Saturn in the sector, encourages you to get a grip on your lifestyle. Eating better, doing sports, quality of sleep, all this needs to change and you're determined to come up with a solid plan to get back in shape during your holidays. Until the 21st, you'll be a little lethargic, you'll work a lot and make a lot of effort to achieve the same results. You'll need to recover. 22nd onward, your vitality is back!

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