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Libra Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Libra
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Venus your planet, sulks! Opposed to your sign, it'll give less priority to your relationship issues compared to work! However, you could come across a heart stopper with a colleague! 12th onward, Mars boosts your projects, actions and gives you the oomph you need to get moving. However, you'll need to patient due to a Mercury in retrograde who slows things down and takes long to get the answers. In terms of health, you take care of yourself!

  • Your love life

    Planets try to nitpick in love! Opposing Venus favors your working relationships more than your romantic exchanges. This being said, you may really feel strongly attracted by a work colleague or come across a heart stopper! The family atmosphere is tense due to the Mars/Pluto opposition and communication is complicated due to Mercury in retrograde. You'll need to be patient and less sensitive, so that you don't ruin things...

  • Your career

    Mars in Leo makes you bold and you move forward with a project, ask for help, advise. You are brave and take risks and portray genuine motivation which makes you move mountains! Don't forget that things aren't going to be easy due to the various oppositions which will come in the way or slow down your actions. You won't get discouraged. You'll be able to smartly maneuver, to make this waiting time, advantageous.

  • Your finances

    You'd better restrain your desire to spend money as with Mercury in retrograde and Venus's square, your accounts aren't going to be in great shape! You'll do just anything to please!Regardless of the prices, you'll be tempted to test out new treatments and products made to improve your seduction power! Bad idea! Even if your income is stable, it's not increasing. However, it's not the same case for your purchases...

  • Your wellbeing

    You're in a rather satisfying shape. Jupiter in the sector may make you a glutton, watch out for the extra weight you'll put on suddenly. 21st onward, you'll get a grip on your lifestyle and take care of your eating habits, to look good during summer, not to mention your tanning sessions. Moreover, Mars in Leo boosts your desire to please and you'll do everything, regardless of the efforts you need to make!

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