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Pisces Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    Mars causes you to feel incredibly overwhelmed until the 24th. You simply have so much on your plate! Don't worry, the planets in Capricorn, joined by Mars on the 25th, help you meet every single one of your deadlines! Venus and Uranus take great care of your relationship, or introduce you to someone amazing if you're single!


    Uranus and Jupiter encourage you to talk to as many people as possible. Your communication skills are second to none! You could find a new talent or passion for yourself. You love being the best at everything you do. On the 15th, the perfect Venus/Mars conjunction takes great care of your relationship!


    Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun are all in your sign! You're incredibly charming, creative, lucky and full of good ideas. Nobody can resist you! You could enjoy bringing an artistic project to life under the influxes from the Sun/Neptune duo. The Mercury/Jupiter duo helps you be yourself at all times!


    The use of modern technologies could make your job so much easier than it used to be! See, change doesn't have to be scary... The Mercury/Sun duo could share a great way to make a quick buck with you! Put your second-to-none negotiation skills to good use. But Venus and Saturn overlook your love life... Time for a rethink?

  • MAY

    Mars provides you with the energy needed to take care of your financial situation. Follow your intuition, as it should allow you to seal fantastic deals and sign exciting contracts. Jupiter and Venus could also help you find ways to give your income a boost. However, be careful not to start spending your cash like it's going out of fashion as a result!

  • JUNE

    Under the dissonant influxes coming from Saturn, you're very impatient and you find it incredibly hard to concentrate. Struggling to move closer to your objectives could damage your self-confidence. Be careful not to idealize your feelings! You could be tempted to give a new artistic or creative hobby a try.

  • JULY

    Neptune and the Sun/Mercury duo take great care of your family relationships. Devoted to the people you love, you're never afraid to show them exactly how much they mean to you! You're also in the mood to clear up an important misunderstanding under your roof... Try to be as diplomatic as you can!


    Mars and Uranus fill you with positive energy. Desperate to have the last word at all costs, you could become slightly too aggressive for your own good. With Mars and Neptune, you truly believe in yourself and your ideas. Meanwhile, Venus trine Jupiter enjoys spicing up your sex life...


    You don't really know where your life is going and you're feeling pretty vulnerable as a result this September. Neptune/Jupiter opposite the Sun/Mercury asks you to be extremely cautious, both in love like in the workplace. If you're owed money, Mars encourages you to raise your voice and make yourself heard!


    Your finances aren't anything to shout about. You're still waiting for money you're owed to reach your bank account. Read the small print very carefully before signing any contract. Beware of liars and scammers! Mars and Neptune make it hard for you to look at the bigger picture. On the plus side, Venus and the Sun should spice up your love life!


    A perfect opening fortnight as far as your relationship is concerned! You and your significant other are exactly on the same wavelength. A kind and devoted soul, you truly know how to make everyone around you feel special! At work, you're trusted with an important mission. Your bosses have total faith in you!


    The Venus/Mercury duo keeps confusing and upsetting you... Your relationship has seen better days! You're insecure and you suspect your partner of cheating on you. Talk about your concerns before it's too late. From the 13th, you should be able to relax again. Moving your projects forward will cheer you up. You're going to enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

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