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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


- June 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Under the dynamic influence of Mars and Jupiter, you could be entrusted with a major project that will fit you like a glove. It will match your expectations and your abilities, perfectly. You will give it your all! Saturn will temper your impulsive side, which will make you more credible in the eyes of those around you. In your love life, a Venus in the work sector can announce a crush on a colleague or superior. Singletons, your audacity attracts invitations!

  • Your love life

    Mars in the house of encounters gives you the audacity to bank on your charm! Jupiter multiplies opportunities and invitations. Accept them, a surprise awaits you. As a couple, the stars are energizing your relationship. You will be super enthused! As of the 24th, Venus joins the couple's sector. It promises you exquisite moments, which you won't forget! You need to live this month intensely, love affairs and ardent relationships will make you reach cloud nine. To be consumed without moderation for once!

  • Your career

    Jupiter and Mars harmonic in Aries illuminate your month. This is a time for action, creation and success. Take advantage of these vibrations to get involved in what has been tempting you, for some time. Dare to undertake. You will make the difference, your competitors will be far behind you. Moreover, Mercury is going to smooth out your steps, to give you the arguments to obtain satisfaction through your demands. You are at a very positive turning point in your activity.

  • Your finances

    Pluto in this sector encourages you to spend money wisely! Your hearty nature is not used to setting limits and could make you spend often. Money comes in without difficulty, especially since success is present. However, this is no reason to throw money out of the window... by indulging in compulsive spending. At the end of the month, a financial bonus is announced in connection with the family environment.

  • Your wellbeing

    Stars in Aries boost your energy and Uranus amplifies your dynamism. Your month promises to be very active, and you will be able to conduct your business without too much trouble. However, don't push yourself when you feel your body is calling for a break. Unwind, get some fresh air, take a few steps if you can't get out of your office at the time, just to get the energy flowing. Reduce your fat and sugar intake. You are doing well!

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of the 1st from the 12th: On the 5th, avoid being capricious!
    Week of the 13th from the 19th: On the 14th, do not make any decision where you need to commit, your sense of discernment will be absent...
    Week of the 20th from the 26th: On the 26th, do you want to get married, have a child or move in together? Choose!
    Week of the 27th from the 30th: On the 30th, a financial news will surprise you pleasantly.

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