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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mercury in retrograde in the couple sector heralds a few misunderstandings and communication issues with your partner. Moreover, this sector also represents others in general. You'll need to be more wary and surely less hospitable...The gift this month is Mars's entry in Leo which boosts your business. You find the spot which is yours through your talents and devotion. In terms of shape, your emotions make you feel fragile...

  • Your love life

    Until the 22nd, Mercury in retrograde doesn't make communication or exchanges with your partner any easier. Misunderstandings, even lies, all this puts a damper on the atmosphere and things are chilly. 23rd onward, things are clear again and doubts vanish. You resume the pleasure to communicate and things are humorous! Singletons, you're quite indecisive with your expectations but at the end of the month, Venus visits Leo and your world changes!

  • Your career

    Mars offers you dynamic impulses 12th onward. They'll be very useful to counter the negative effects of Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd, which will affect your communication and make you come across people who aren't super honest (1st half) The Jupiter square (your planet) could create an administrative issue and you won't have all the elements you need at the moment to solve the issue. Don't push things!

  • Your finances

    The Mars/Pluto opposition which touches the concerned sectors gives you a few scares, when it comes to the balance of your accounts. Moreover, Mercury is opposed and in retrograde, it triggers some complications and lacks clarity and honesty as well. You're are firmly advised to be super wary, careful and don't trust people easily. Your optimistic and welcoming nature could mislead you...

  • Your wellbeing

    You're tired with your emotions and nervousness. 12th onward, Mars strengthens your vitality through its dynamic impulses. It's important though, to do some relaxing exercises and get some air as soon as possible and get closer to nature and the energy of trees. Try out meditation before going to sleep. 27th onward, Venus will come and give you some optimism and love!

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