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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope


- December 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Mars, opposite you, is likely to generate some tensions in love as well as in the professional world. In love, the relationship could resemble an arm wrestling match, neither of you wanting to let go... In your job, your opponents are somewhat aggressive... And you will not remain without reacting. Until the 21st, the Sun reinforces your resistance and your courage. From the 21st, Jupiter, your favorite planet, returns to Aries, a friendly sign. The great beneficator promises you great success!

  • Your love life

    Until the 10th, Venus is transiting your sign. Rather nice! However, if you are a single person, its dissonance with Neptune at the beginning of the month will warn you against those who talk a good game, those who inevitably disappoint! So stop idealizing your encounters! If you are in a relationship, Mars' opposition heralds a tug of war between you and your partner. Neither of you wants to let go. Moreover, Neptune sows doubt, your imagination wanders... Rightly or wrongly, to find out, you need to communicate...

  • Your career

    Tensions at best, bitter opponents at worst! This is the climate generated by the opposition of Mars and its various dissonances to other planets. Try to control your impulsiveness. Responding to provocation is not the best way to settle a conflict. Thanks to the Sun and Jupiter, you have the ability to resist and the talent to achieve the success you are aiming for. Instead, play the conciliation game and you'll come out a winner!

  • Your finances

    Your flair for business may be affected by Neptune's dissonance, which distorts your feeling. However, nothing too serious. The sector dedicated to your finances receives significant planets announcing a good dynamic on your accounts. Mercury and Venus help you to manage them well. Mars may encourage you to make impulsive purchases, so keep this in mind at every outing. The best thing is to leave your credit card at home!

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars generates nervousness, irritability and relationships suffer. To relax, take up a physical activity that will allow you to let off steam. On the fitness side, you have nothing to fear. The Sun in your sign until the 21st provides you with all the energy you need. As for your morale, it benefits from the presence of Jupiter in Aries from the 21st. Optimism is at present, your usual good nature will pass on joy to your entourage!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 4th, you will tend to question everything, to look for the little beast...
    On the 13th, you have clear ideas and know exactly what you want!
    On the 23rd, a little annoyance related to a reservation or an order.
    On the 31st, OK, it's Christmas Eve. Is this a reason to trigger an overdraft?

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