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Gemini Monthly Horoscope


- February 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    The stormy passages of the Moon squaring Mercury on February 1st, 15th, and 16th call for heightened vigilance: your words may overstep your thoughts. Strive to rein in your passions, especially in heated debates! On the other hand, the Moon in sextile with Venus imbues you with a longing for the distant and propels you toward the unknown. What could be better than a journey? Even a virtual one feeds your imagination and broadens your horizons. So, are you ready to embark?

  • Your love life

    Brace yourselves, partnered ones, for an emotional whirlwind around the 15th with the conjunction of the Moon and Uranus. A rearrangement of shared space could be a source of tension. Try to make it a playful moment instead! Flying solo? Give your friendships the royal treatment all month long. Social outings and shared moments are strongly recommended after the 16th, as the Moon's trine with Pluto brings a profound collective energy. So why not arrange a dinner party with friends? Your wellbeing thrives on these precious shared moments.

  • Your career

    Hear ye, coworkers! Communication in the office could become muddled during the first and third thirds of the month, so be wary of those notorious misunderstandings due to the Moon squaring Mercury aspect. Make sure to clarify your electronic exchanges as much as possible. Passionate or seeking direction, the Moon trine with Venus on February 16th presents a splendid opportunity for you to recharge: why not devour an inspiring book about your sector? This could illuminate your next career step!

  • Your finances

    At the start of the month, craft a more eco-friendly budget! Put your beliefs into practice: less waste also means less unnecessary purchases. The impact on your wallet will be positively felt on the days when the Moon is sextile to Venus. Have you considered foraging, bartering, or antiquing? Mid-month, lean towards socially responsible investments. This fresh approach could be an opportunity to make a difference both for your financial future and the world around you. Go ahead, have faith in yourself!

  • Your wellbeing

    Beware of digital overload around the 15th, when the Moon will be conjunct with Uranus. It's the perfect time for a digital detox and to reduce your screen time. Experiment with activities not tied to technology to balance your mental and physical energy. Towards the end of the month, under the calming influence of Neptune, treat yourself to a beneficial moment of solitude - meditating, reading, or simply strolling through a park. This will not only have a positive impact on your overall well-being, but it could also boost your mood! Use this period to reconnect with yourself without digital distractions.

  • Your astro-dates

    On February 7th, the Venus-Jupiter harmony will foster new encounters. Keep your eyes peeled! On the 15th, beware of sudden impulses with the Moon-Uranus conjunction. Take the time to reflect before you act. Finally, on the 26th, the presence of Neptune will beckon you to dream and escape. Take advantage of this for a well-deserved little break. A month that will be vivid with colors, wouldn't you say? Come out of your shell and seize each opportunity offered by the cosmos!

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