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Gemini Monthly Horoscope


- March 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Jupiter is on your side! And that's good, because the stars in Pisces, including the entry of Saturn on the 8th, will weigh you down. You feel a bit disoriented, and concentration is difficult to obtain. This is where the great benefic is most useful! The star brings you all the help you need, whatever the field. In addition, Pluto arrives in a friendly sign on the 24th, which will give you a new approach to your thoughts. In your love life, enjoy the first two weeks!

  • Your love life

    Until the 16th, Venus will send you her best influences. Its sextile to Mars augurs passionate relationships where your libido will play its role at full speed! However, beware of the dissonance between Mars and Neptune which may make you make errors of judgment, or let you be influenced, or even cheated. This is particularly true for singletons. For couples, a few little lies or, let's say, an arranged truth will not produce negative effects. The second half of the year will place you in the background.

  • Your career

    Jupiter is a strong ally! Ready to support you in any field or need, the star will bring you positive expectations and success in your endeavors and actions. Caution in regard to Mars. Mars is a planet of energy, motivation and willpower, and is a great asset. The downside is its square to Neptune which may cause confusion and mislead you in your decisions. In addition, Saturn adds on by triggering major expenses. Do not disperse yourself!

  • Your finances

    Jupiter, well situated, is promising good surprises. Luck is with you, you can try a money game, always with a reasonable stake. Money may come in the form of refunds, overpayments, or bonuses. His conjunction to Mercury, at the end of the month, will also bring financial facilities. A negotiation that turns to your advantage, a business deal that goes well, everything is possible. However, you should be careful, as Neptune is in dissonance and can lead to an error in judgment.

  • Your wellbeing

    Physically, apart from a few more or less chronic aches and pains that you are slow to treat, your vitality remains satisfactory. Nervousness is the problem... Stress is setting in, nervousness is gaining ground, you lack serenity. You tend to worry more than usual, which makes you irritable and impatient. From the 20th onwards, you will feel more in tune with your environment, energy will return, stress will gradually decrease until it leaves you for good!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 5th, you want to change many things around you. Do so!
    On the 10th, a turbulent encounter will turn into a love affair!
    On the 22nd, an exceptional day not to be missed!
    On the 27th, luck is with you in the launching of a project!

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