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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Despite the obstacles laid by Saturn, you have two major allies, namely Jupiter and Venus. Enough to make you smile in love and work! In your love life, couples, you discover yourself! Singletons, a heart stopper may be on the way...In your professional life, Jupiter boosts your creativity and one of your works could lead to a handsome sum! However, Mars's square 12th onward is going to intensify your rebellious nature and difficulty to accept authority...

  • Your love life

    Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces guarantee happiness. Couples, you boost your relationship through Uranus who encourages you to dust off your exchanges, jazz up your antics! This could concern a relationship or making one official or even starting a family. Singletons, a heart stopper in sight! Don't neglect little signs which seem trivial. This could be the beginning of a future relationship!

  • Your career

    Jupiter increases your creativity and highlights you. Despite Saturn who slows down your rhythm, you manage to move forward depending on the course of action you've set. However, due to Mars in Leo 12th onward, your strong character may get out of hand and trigger some issues with authority. Think before talking, especially since Mercury will be in retrograde and you may be clumsy with your remarks.

  • Your finances

    All the elements seem to be present for your finances to do well! The only drawback is due to Mercury in retrograde, which shall delay or hinder some money inflow. But 22nd onward, things move forward and this could mean a new and interesting contract for you. Sun in the sector could herald promising money inflow or a deal rounding off in your favor. In both cases, this means major relief for you.

  • Your wellbeing

    Your month end is going to be much better than the beginning! Even so, no reason to panic, rest assured. You'll just have a hard time channeling your emotions and energy. You won't really feel balanced as you'll be restless and this will tire you out and give you the impression that your wishes won't come true. However, 22nd onward, you'll resume promising energy, optimism, motivation through Sun in Cancer and Mercury, who'll direct march.

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