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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


- March 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    An important month in your destiny! You, the specialist of regeneration, who is rising from your ashes, will be favored in this process by Saturn and Pluto. The time for change has come! Professionally or in your private life, you will undertake the transformations you desire, with more confidence. Your past efforts are producing results that motivate you to continue your metamorphosis. In your heart, the climate is stormy, with a few bright spots...

  • Your love life

    In the first fortnight, Venus may announce an attraction to a colleague, or at least to someone in your professional field. Obviously, if you are already in a relationship, this may justify the second fortnight's influences which generate jealousy and could be the start of a crisis. If you are single, an important meeting may take place. For everyone, Saturn in Pisces and the Mercury/Sun/Neptune trio are triggering a change. A word of advice: don't rush!

  • Your career

    Saturn in Pisces from the 8th allows you to consolidate your projects, to better structure them, to channel your creativity. This transit confirms that you were right to make the past efforts, the results are there. However, the climate could be somewhat tense at times. You will have to work on your impulsiveness, your tendency to practice a too brittle frankness so as not to get into trouble. This month you are beginning your professional rebirth, even your total rebirth!

  • Your finances

    Saturn helps you to free yourself from the need to possess, it advises you to get rid of the superfluous, of the useless that clutter your space and your mind. The star encourages you to save more than to spend. So follow his advice! A well thought out budget, well established and respected shopping lists, bills paid on time to avoid reminder fees, this is already a good starting point to rectify the situation if it is the case.

  • Your wellbeing

    The Sun and Mercury are beneficial to you physically and intellectually. You feel lighter, as if invaded by a new energy and a desire to undertake. You will tend to be less dramatic, to put aside your endless questioning that has been preventing you from moving forward as much as you would have liked. The road is opening up before you again and you have the energy to take it without restraint. If you play sports, don't force yourself, don't skip the warm-up!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 3rd, you have a great feeling! Do not deprive yourself of it!
    On the 12th, your spirit of analysis and deduction is remarkable.
    On the 21st, calm down! You won't get anywhere if you get agitated like that.
    On the 30th, you notice once again that you are misunderstood, because you are ahead of your time...

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