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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


- Week 13, 2023 -

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  • LOVE



  • Your week

    Dear Aquarius, you cannot stop thinking about the future this week. As far as your professional and family lives are concerned, you are scoring important points. The stars are supporting you. Mars trine Saturn supports your initiatives!

  • Your love life

    Success and luck can be expected in this domain. Love is the only thing on your mind. Your initiatives are bold! Single or in a relationship, you are in for a thrilling week under the positive influence of Uranus.

  • Your compatibilities this week

    You love

    Ah, Gemini! You love him! His intellectual flexibility makes him/her interested in everything, just like you. And on top of that, he/she has a great sense of humor!

    You avoid

    This Taurus seems to you more than difficult to convince. Stubborn as mule, this person makes you go crazy. The end!

  • Your weekend

    This weekend should be a lively one! With Mars forming a sextile, you are full of lovely ideas and in a generous mood. On Saturday, you will help a loved one solve an administrative issue. On Sunday, the spring will give you wings!

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