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A successful Valentine’s day

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February 14, 2023, a date awaited by all lovers, all romantics in the world. With the energies of renewal of spring, the desire that attracts lovers to each other also returns. It is as if nature is calling us to participate in this great annual dance of life and its celebration. Let’s see how each sign will live this day dedicated to Cupid and his arrows.

ARIES: The Moon’s sextile to Mercury could well lead you to see a co-worker in a different light. You could even be seduced. Thanks to the trine to Jupiter, a nice meeting is possible during a trip or a long journey.

TAURUS: The Moon’s trine to Jupiter could somewhat uninhibit you in the evenings and invite you to let go of your sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of life and love. Some of you may give in to the temptation of a clandestine passion.

GEMINI: The Moon will transit your 7th house, the house of unions and marriages. Thanks to its sextile to Mercury in Aquarius and its trine to Jupiter, you could try new romantic and erotic experiences. The night could be torrid and full of surprises.

CANCER: The Moon in Sagittarius could help you spice up your relationship this Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve been experiencing a drop in libido lately. Surprise your spouse or partner, get out of your habits and your cocoon. A night in a hotel away from home will do you a world of good.

LEO: The secret to a perfectly successful Valentine’s Day party will be for you to offer your loved one a trip to a warm and romantic destination and above all to be original. Be where he or she doesn’t expect you to be.

VIRGO: The Moon’s sextile to Mercury will help you to let go of many of your inhibitions and give in to your various feelings. You will be able to leave your mind behind to welcome love and its pleasures.

LIBRA: This Valentine’s Day could well coincide with a beautiful love story that will start with a friendship made of exchanges around your ideas on life, on your beliefs then without you realizing it the relationship will evolve towards love.

SCORPIO: The Moon will favor reconciliation in love for the natives of your sign. Also, if you are currently going through a difficult breakup, take advantage of Valentine’s Day to give a gift that is out of the ordinary to the loved one who will not be able to remain insensitive to so many beautiful attentions towards him/her.

SAGITTARIUS: You will have only one idea in mind to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, live intensely the present moment and discover new pleasures. If you’re already in a relationship, you could both try new ways of loving, off the beaten path. If you’re single, you’re sure to find a playmate.

CAPRICORN: The Moon in Sagittarius, in its interactions with Mercury and Jupiter, will allow you, like Virgos, to scrape off the layer of social conventions that prevent you from living your love life to the fullest in order to let your heart and its affections express themselves freely.

AQUARIUS: You will need new horizons, new experiences this Valentine’s Day 2023. If you are already in a relationship, you will be able to renew yourself and let new pleasures and experiences emerge. If you are single, this Valentine’s Day could be marked by a beautiful and spirited encounter.

PISCES: If you’re currently going through a breakup that’s hard to accept, this Valentine’s Day could be an opportunity for you to release your grief and disillusionment by opening yourself up to the possibility of a new relationship. Go out to a singles night, sign up for a dating site and let the magic happen.

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