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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    With Mars in your sign and three planets in your financial sky, the year gets off to a lively start! You never do anything by halves. The New Moon trines Uranus indicates a new start, a different job, or the launch of your own business. Your finances are given a much-needed boost, much to your relief!


    There are no less than four planets in your financial sky! That's why you're so good at managing your money and sealing fantastic deals. Mars trine Jupiter helps you come across as someone trustworthy and confident. People love and respect you in equal measure! You really like being busy and relied on.


    The Venus/Mars duo in Aquarius cheers you up, brings you closer to your partner and encourages you to take original initiatives designed to spice up your love life. Its conjunction with Saturn helps you take your relationship to the next level. Single, an unusual but exciting encounter should take place...


    Mars and Saturn in conjunction force you to slow down and take your time. More haste usually equals less speed! Make sure your projects and ideas are completely realistic before trying to bring any of them to life. Venus in Pisces could cause you to live in the past or ask you to be more romantic.

  • MAY

    Be careful when making decisions regarding your house or career! In the first half of May, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter will make it hard to you to face up to the truth. But Jupiter and Venus in Aries will help you bounce back up! You're mad about your partner, or every stranger you bump into if you're single!

  • JUNE

    With Mars in Aries, you're even more creative than usual! Be as enterprising as you can, as your initiatives are going to be successful this month, especially with Jupiter transiting in Aries. Saturn trine the Sun allows you to move forward in every domain of your life without letting success go to your head at any point!

  • JULY

    Trust your intuition, it should help you sign an interesting contract. You know what you deserve and what is best for you! Mercury and the Sun help you learn from your mistakes and make the right decisions. Under the influence of Jupiter, looking after you from Aries, everything you touch should turn into gold!


    The superb Venus/Jupiter trine in fire signs puts you in a charming and seductive mood. You're so good at hitting on strangers! Falling in love cannot be ruled out. In a relationship, you and your partner know how to spice up your little routine! The Pluto/Mars trine helps you find ways to give your finances a boost.


    Neptune continues to fill you with doubts. Opposite Mercury, this planet could encourage people to lie to you or manipulate you in order to get whatever they want from you this month... Not ideal, especially with Jupiter opposite the Sun making you a lot more gullible than usual! In love, try not to think so much...


    Your social life is looked after by the Venus/Sun duo in the house of your friendships, trine Saturn in the house of your close relationships (siblings, uncles, aunts, neighbors...). In love, romance is on the menu and your relationship is stable. From the 24th, avoid becoming controlling!


    The Sun/Mercury/Venus trio in your shadow sector could hold your relationship back this month. You're determined to get rid of some of your oldest habits in order to give your love life the fresh start it deserves. Meanwhile, the Mars/Neptune square makes you feel like you're wasting your energy or tilting at windmills...


    A complicated start to the month! The planets in your sign are dissonant towards Mars and Jupiter/Neptune. You've never felt so lost before! Misunderstandings, lies and betrayals prevent you from moving your life forward. Then, the return of Jupiter in Aries should lift your spirits. Your finances remain remarkably healthy!

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