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Pisces Monthly Horoscope


- June 2021 -

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zodiac sign Pisces
  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Nothing but assets! Jupiter gives you a glimpse of its future visit in your sign, by staying there fore few weeks. Enough to highlight your initiatives, ideas and projects. Mars until the 11th, gives you the momentum to do so but careful as at the beginning of the month, a headlock is possible. Moreover, Mercury is going to complicate your business. Luckily, in your love life, there will be pure happiness! Couples or singleton, love is present!

  • Your love life

    June, the month of your love life? Why not?! Given such a context, anything is possible! A closer relationship, engagement, wedding, open marriage, love at first sight, anything is possible! If you're already a couple, you'll discover one another through a more passionate and unbridled angle! Taboos are present...Singleton, the encounter in sight could change the course of your life. So, don't pretend you can't see this, go with the flow of life!

  • Your career

    Until the 11th, Mars gives you the energy and motivation you need to take your initiatives. After this date, you may be hasty and less precise while taking action. Consider yourself warned! At the beginning of the month, Mars and Pluto may trigger rather strong dissensions! As for Mercury, the star in retrograde, will complicate your business through delays, hitches or misunderstandings. Communication won't be great...after the 22nd, tensions will soothe, exchanges will be smoother.

  • Your finances

    Jupiter encourages you to bank on your talents and skills. It decreases the negative effects of a Mercury in retrograde, which may block some money inflow or delay these. Don't give into your legendary kindness, don't lend money! You may not ever see it again. Moreover, keep an eye on your payment methods and cash. There could be a theft in sight...

  • Your wellbeing

    If you expose yourself to the Sun, especially during the initial days, don't forget to protect yourself with sunscreen, a hat and a beach umbrella. This is all very important! Mars and Pluto may trigger skin soreness. Drink plenty of water, don't hesitate spending time in or near water, your element, as it'll help you revitalize really fast! Surround yourself with cheerful people!

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