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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


- April 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    A month where your efficiency will make the headlines! And yet, some people are looking for conflict, provoking you. A kind of competition seems to be going on around you. As a good Capricorn, you will not let yourself be impressed. The stars in Taurus offer you something to fight back with. Take action on the 21st, when Mercury retreats and risks complicating your steps and delaying certain important answers for the continuation of your undertakings. In your love life, a surprising first week!

  • Your love life

    The planet of love, Venus, in Taurus until the 11th, conjunct Uranus, considerably increases your chances of success in love! A love at first sight encounter is not to be excluded. Open your eyes and be reactive to the signs that could be sent to you... As a couple, discussions allow you to clear up misunderstandings. Projects are reborn, better elaborated, in confidence, by mutual agreement. Thanks to Saturn in Pisces, you will not force your way through, Mars will try to bite you, but nothing will happen. Bravo!

  • Your career

    The Jupiter/Sun duo dissonant to your sign could indicate a conflictual climate, a war of powers, a rivalry to define who will be khalif in the place of the khalif! The stars in Taurus give the answer: you! Uranus announces change, Mercury until the 20th stimulates relationships, the intellect and favors communication. Use these weapons intelligently to chart your course. After the 21st, things will be less fluid, no need to add complications. You have been warned!

  • Your finances

    Jupiter's dissonance encourages you to spend rather than save, even if you are not one of the most lavish spenders by nature. However, you may be tempted to buy things on the spur of the moment and this could put a strain on your bank account, as you only like to buy things that have a price tag! Fortunately, Mercury in Taurus is rather benevolent and could announce an unexpected return to school through its conjunction to Uranus. As of the 21st, its retreat may cause delays in payment or an error that puts a business deal on hold.

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars in opposition and the Sun in dissonance are two aspects that may cause you to feel a little down, and your energy to be somewhat low. However, Uranus and Mercury remain your allies. They will provide you with a welcome dose of energy that will allow you to face this month of April, which can be a little frustrating at times. But as of the 21st, the Sun joins Taurus, a friendly sign, and gives you back a beautiful energy. Moreover, Saturn in Pisces balances your psychic energy. Good news for you!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 4th, an affair in sight and this happens quite naturally...
    On the 13th, a desire to move is in the air...
    On the 22nd, you have never felt better!
    On the 30th, try to relax, put things in perspective!

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