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Leo Monthly Horoscope


- March 2023 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Saturn frees the couple sector to focus on your finances. The great sage urges you to be more rigorous in your management, not to get carried away with a business deal. On the other hand, Mars, well situated but dissonant to the Mercury/Sun/Neptune trio, adds a touch of mistrust and advises you against making commitments around the 15th. Jupiter and Venus offer you opportunities on the job side. Your social ascension is underway! What about your heart? Until the 16th, you'll be a united couple and you'll be able to meet people on your own!

  • Your love life

    Venus in Aries, a friendly sign, and Saturn leaving you in peace as a couple, announces a new and beautiful beginning! For those of you who were considering a union, Jupiter and Venus in conjunction during the first two weeks will give you the keys to your common future. Marriage or settling under the same roof, you are now a duo! After the 16th, Venus reinforces your desire to create a solid couple. If you are single, all the chances of finding your soul mate are written in your sky!

  • Your career

    Mars is energizing your project sector. In Gemini, you are multiplying your trials, research and ideas. However, the dissonance with Neptune should put you on your guard, as much in the proposed business as in the people you meet. It would be wise not to sign any commitment during this period, which does not mean giving up an opportunity or a project. The need for further study should be considered. The right note is brought by Jupiter who supports you fully!

  • Your finances

    Saturn is in your financial sector. You will have understood that rigor is required. Your finances are not in danger, on the contrary, the stars will bring in a rather satisfactory amount of money. The tricky part lies in the choice of people you will be dealing with, but also in the form of certain contracts. It is better to refrain from signing anything for the time being. Study the proposals more thoroughly, you will be better off.

  • Your wellbeing

    Jupiter accentuates your natural dynamism and makes you want to move around, to try new sports or activities. Venus, on the other hand, boosts your desire to improve your look and your self-image. A little nervousness in the first two weeks may disturb your sleep and make you want to compensate with food. This is a bad idea! Go for a walk instead or keep your mind occupied. As of the 21st, the Sun brings you a lot of vitality. Take advantage of this!

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 5th, you are all fire and brimstone in all areas!
    On the 15th, you may fall in love, but be careful!
    On the 23rd, curb your greed or you will regret it...
    On the 28th, you are thinking of buying a property.

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