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Leo Monthly Horoscope


- November 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    A rather tense first fortnight... Whether in the professional field or in your love life, dissonances prevail. The trio Sun/ Mercury/ Venus in Scorpio opposed to Uranus in Taurus creates a lot of turbulences... You will even consider the possibility of breaking a union or a contract. Keep your calm as much as possible, the second part of the month will be more relaxed and from the 17th, Venus will be forgiven for her bad mood! Note: opportunities to travel or to go abroad.

  • Your love life

    Hold on tight during the first part of the month. The dissonances that affect the couple sector could generate a very tense climate that could even make you want to break up! Lack of freedom, frustration and jealousy, the explosive cocktail! The second part, if you have been able to resist the urge to throw everything away, gives you the opportunity to reconcile warmly! On your own, your power of seduction will be in full force from the 17th. Go out, show yourself and smile!

  • Your career

    The celestial vault and its dissonances are not very favorable to your work, especially the Mars/Neptune square and the other Uranus/Saturn square. You seem to be moving in a fog, not knowing whether to move forward, backward, or treading water until you see things more clearly. The situation seems to be stuck. Don't cause an upheaval, this is not the time to try anything. Be patient, the wheel is turning and the planets will be more favorable to you.

  • Your finances

    Under the influence of Venus in trine to Neptune, you will have a flair for finding the right plans, the ones that pay off, following the right leads or having the right ideas that will help you get some money in your pocket. But other influences, Mars square to Neptune among others, indicate possible risks of shady or downright dishonest deals. It's up to you to be discerning so as not to fall into the traps of the lure of the mirror...

  • Your wellbeing

    Mars, although retrograde, is well situated in relation to your sign. However, this will not be enough to compensate for the dissonance of the Sun, your planet. Energy will come in fits and starts. You'll need regular breaks to get your energy back. However, you will manage to discipline yourself, to activate yourself to get your body moving in a good dynamic. From the 23rd, the Sun becomes your most precious ally. You feel better and better.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 6th, you make great efforts not to let your anger explode...
    On the 11th, you are everywhere at once, too many ideas, too many projects!
    On the 16th, you are feeling a little blue... don't stay alone.
    On the 24th, love is back!

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