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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Mercury retrograde will annoy you with administrative problems that will be difficult to solve. But Venus will brighten up your financial situation by allowing you to seal a couple of interesting deals. From the 19th, Mercury will be on your side and you will be able to explain yourself, finding it easier to get your way in love, in the workplace and under our roof.


    Venus in Pisces will broaden your range of emotions. For a few days, love will take precedence over everything else and making memories with the person who means the world to you will be your priority. With your friends, you will defend your ideas as well as your interests. Under the impulse of Mercury from the 12th, you will innovate through a new hobby or passion.


    On the 7th, Saturn will be in Pisces, allowing you to deal with Jupiter's assaults by showing how calm, composed and determined you really are. Until the 20th, the Sun will give you more room for maneuver and brighten up your relationships. From the 17th, let Venus guide you towards your soul mate. If you're taken, it will know how to strengthen your relationship.


    Shaken by Jupiter's square and Mars' opposition, this month will prove exhausting as you will have to be present on all fronts at once. Unpleasant events will require you to make tough decisions, which will have a negative impact on your mood. Mercury will be on your side to provide you with effective help and support from those around you.

  • MAY

    You will be tough but getting into trouble will be out of the question at the beginning of the month. By the 17th, under the influence of Jupiter in Taurus, an opportunity living up to your expectations will present itself to you. Around the 20th, the Mars/Pluto opposition will force you to make changes to the way you manage your money and to fight for your rights.

  • JUNE

    Your friend Jupiter will reach out to you through someone you can trust offering you his or her help. Their proposal will interest you, their words of advice will enlighten you, their influence will help you move your career forward. Mercury, from the 12th, will be the spokesperson for your professional projects. Venus will support your initiatives in love. It will be up to you to prove your feelings!

  • JULY

    You will not be afraid to criticize someone whose behavior is reckless and out of control. Take a step back in order to avoid a month of settling scores. From the 11th, Mars will give you the wisdom and strength needed to seize control of a situation and fulfill your duty to perfection. Mars will send your libido through the roof this July!


    Saturn and Venus moving backward will not disturb you too much. You will know what you want and what you are worth, so your hard work will pay off. Being confident at work will quickly lead to being confident in your love life! Getting an exciting project underway together with your partner will make you incredibly happy. Single, believe in yourself and your ability to seduce.


    You will have difficulty finding your bearings. You're very good at your job, that's not the problem... Your results will once again live up to your bosses' expectations, but Mercury will cause you to fall out with most of your colleagues this month! In love, your partner will support you no matter what. Single, you could meet someone special at work or through a mutual friend.


    With Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus retrograde, this will be a good time to review your priorities and rearrange your tasks. At work, use the first week of September to negotiate a raise or promotion. From the 6th to the 22nd, a friendship will turn sour. Venus will open up your heart, you and your partner will be inseparable. Single, a life-changing encounter could leave you speechless.


    Until the 24th, Mars will bring you the necessary desire to fulfill your goals. You're not going to feel guilty about outshining your rivals, which is why you won't have any qualms about putting your money where your mouth is. Single, if a fling disappoints you, you'll move on to the next one without asking yourself any questions. In a relationship, you'll move mountains for your partner.


    Mercury will wish you a happy birthday by taking good care of your finances. You could be offered a bonus at work, while your loved ones will not stop showering you with gifts. Life will feel cheaper than usual! Saturn will put you in touch with competent people able to point you in the right direction. Venus will bring happiness to your relationship and will spoil those of you who are still single.

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