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Celtic Astrology : Hazel tree

August 4, 2021

The Hazel tree sign (from 5th August until 1st September)   The Celtic calendar attributes during each month of the year, a tree or plant whose essential features are in analogy with the atmosphere of the concerned time. People born

Venus-Uranus trine: In-depth changes

August 3, 2021

On the 3rd of August 2021 at 8:54 am CET, Venus will form a trine with Uranus. One will be able to feel the effects until the 5th. Between the two Ds’ (desire and duty) This 120° aspect is usually

Mercury-Saturn opposition: When truth is imposed on us

August 1, 2021

On the 1st of August 2021 at 11:51pm CET, Mercury will be in exact opposition with Saturn. This configuration, whose effects will be felt until the 3rd, shall take place at the same time as the Sun’s conjunction in Leo.

Discover your clan in the Native American astrology!

July 31, 2021

We have the habit of referring to Western astrology to know the particularities of our zodiac sign. But did you know that other types of horoscopes exist? Chinese, Celtic…Let’s discover your Totem animals together, through Shamanic astrology, based on relationships

Romantic summer for the 12 zodiac signs

July 29, 2021

ARIES: July is going to be one of the easiest months for the natives of this sign, who could come across a crisis or even a breakup between the 4th and the 8th. This could be due to a friend’s

Leo sign in the limelight

July 27, 2021

Sun entered Leo this 23rd July. It’s rather representative when it comes to the star which it rules, namely Sun. This sign arrives right in the middle of summer, when the Sun shines and warms us up, even burns us

Get ready for love with the July Full Moon!

July 24, 2021

Humor combined with love An easy horoscope on the way. On July 24, 2021, the Full Moon will form at 2:37 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time at 1°25 in Aquarius. She hardlyleft her conjunction with Pluto with her trail of emotions,

Sun in Leo: this is the time to make the most of life.

July 23, 2021

Nothing else but passion Here is the forecast with Easy psychics. On August 22, 2021, Sun will take up residence in Leo and stay there for a month. Its first steps will form an immediate quincunx in Jupiter, forerunning an

How to recognize astrological signs on the beach

July 15, 2021

You are on vacation, sitting on a sunny terrace, lounging around on your deckchair at the swimming pool or beach. You begin to look at the holidaymakers around and would love to guess their astrological sign, depending on their attitude?

A combination of love and passion

July 12, 2021

If you were to observe the summer sky towards the West on 12thof July, right after the sunset, you may come across a wonderful spectacle: Venus, also known as the evening star, the brightest star of the sky, and Mars

New Moon in Cancer: welcome sweetness!

July 10, 2021

Personal anchoring On July 10, 2021, at 1:18 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time, the New Moon shall take up residence at 18°02 in Cancer. It will intensify the need for comfort and reassurance, the need to connect with what will nourish

Holly signfrom 8th July until 4th August

July 8, 2021

The Celtic calendar attributes a tree or a plant to every month of the year, whose key characteristics are in analogy with the atmosphere of the concerned time. People born under its influence carry within them, in their personality and

Horoscope 2021:enthusiasm but care on the agenda.

July 5, 2021

Be bold The Saturn/Uranus square on June 14 will encourageto be cautious and not claim victory too quickly, but the sky shall then warm up and trigger pleasure, to honor talents and creations. It’ll now be time to discover and

Close ties put to test

July 1, 2021

I make the most of life, therefore I am On July 1, 2021, at 3:10 p.m. CET, Mars will be exactly opposed to Saturn. On shall begin to feel this influence June 25th onward until July 6th. Mars in Leo

Interpreting Neptune in retrograde

June 26, 2021

Finding meaning… Beginning June 26, 2021, Neptune will go retrograde, which means it will appear to be moving backward in the sky. This optical illusion occurs because of the difference in speed between the Earth and the planet in question.

The power of the Strawberry Moon over the beginning of summer

June 24, 2021

On June 24th, 2021, the Full Moon will come into being at 6:40 PM Universal Time at 3°24 in Capricorn. Known as the Strawberry Moon, it marks the beginning of summer. In an Earth sign, this Moon is rigorous and

The Month of Cancer : the optimistic choice

June 21, 2021

Ease and comfort June 21st, 2021 will mark the summer solstice and the beginning of the month of Cancer. The Sun will be at its zenith; it will push back on limits that feel too strict and invite us to

Why is the Tarot of Viéville so unusual?

June 17, 2021

The Tarot of Viéville is a faithful reproduction of the original, which dates from the 17th century. It is often described as unusual and unclassifiable by virtue of its originality and its respect for the mistakes found in the original,

Saturn-Uranus Square: Upheaval in Your Astrological Sign

June 14, 2021

Irrepressible life force On June 15th, 2021, at 12:08 a.m. Paris time, Saturn will form a square with Uranus for the second time this year — the first was February 17th. Note that the Moon in Leo will also add

Born between June 10th and July 7th? You’re an Oak!

June 12, 2021

    The Celtic calendar assigns each month of the year a tree or plant whose essential characteristics correspond to the month’s atmosphere. People born under their influence display personality traits and ways of being that are similar to these

The difficult consequences of the annular solar eclipse

June 10, 2021

The ring of Fire June 10th, 2021 will see one of the greatest phenomena nature has to offer: an annular solar eclipse. This occurs when the Sun, Moon, and Earth align such that the Moon obscures the view of the

The June new Moon: must-make resolutions

June 9, 2021

A breath of fresh air On June 10th, 2021, the new Moon will form at 10:54 AM Universal Time at 19°48 in Gemini. The annular solar eclipse will amplify its effects on extraversion, sociability, and restlessness. Being in a mutable

Are you able to relax?

August 28, 2020

All zodiac signs are different, even when it concerns their leisure or their way of relaxing! Check out their way of having some fun! What do you do, to relax? Aries, you unwind through sports. According to you, it’s impossible

12 signs travel back in time

August 25, 2020

Do you remember the comedy “Back to the future”? Who didn’t dream at least once about using the time machine and going back in time, to revisit the past, one’s own history or simply taking a leap into the future?

Sun in Virgo

August 22, 2020

All in good time…  On the 22nd August 2020, Sun will change signs by entering Virgo. The Earth element is going to become dominant with Mercury in this sign, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Suffice

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