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Virgo Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    Your love life is moving in the right direction! You feel closer to your significant other than ever before. Venus, Uranus and your sign form a dynamic aspect, helping you find ways to spice up your relationship. However, you and your lover could disagree about where you'd like to move to or how to improve your current living conditions...


    Your love life is hot, hot, hot! If you're thinking about expanding your family, this is the perfect time to do so. With Mars, you're even more driven and determined than usual. There are no problems with you, only solutions! Mercury fills you with confidence, and its duo with Pluto helps you make the right decisions. You're so skillful and talented!


    The army of planets in Pisces highlights how important being close to your partner, and other people in general, is to you. Mercury and Uranus encourage you to explore new horizons, push yourself out of your comfort zone and get original projects underway. Why don't you launch your own business? Nothing can stop you with a strong Pluto on your side!


    The perfect Jupiter/Neptune trine indicates a literal or metaphorical birth... And Venus urges your significant other to expect more from you than usual! The Mars/Saturn duo has a busy and stressful month in store for you at work... But Mercury should help you solve your problems, don't worry!

  • MAY

    Mars opposite your sign could cause you to fall out with one of your colleagues, superiors or relatives. An important decision needs to be made, but Neptune makes it hard for you to think straight. With the Sun/Uranus duo, you will attend a successful interview or one of your demands will be granted.

  • JUNE

    Mars and Jupiter take wonderful care of your finances. Finding ways to give your income a boost becomes your priority, and you're no longer afraid to ask for money you're owed or entitled to. Checking your bank balance feels very satisfying! Venus flirting with Uranus should enjoy introducing you to new experiences in the bedroom...

  • JULY

    Saturn retrograde tries to slow you down, but you're even more desperate to be proven right than usual thanks to the support of Mars and Uranus. The Neptune/Venus dissonance could help you realize how toxic a friend is. With the Mercury/Sun duo, you could also receive the help required to fight an addiction...


    Mercury and Uranus support your initiatives. Mars urges you to defend your ideas. Towards the end of the month, Venus, Saturn and Uranus could unsettle your relationship. Shall you stay or shall you go? Keep a close eye on your finances. With the Jupiter/Mercury opposition, you could be taken for a ride...


    You're forced to ask yourself all kinds of important questions this September. You find it incredibly hard to admit your mistakes. The sooner you realize that you're not immune to making bad decisions the better. This is the perfect time to start moving your life back in the right direction, my Virgo friend!


    The Mercury/Venus/Sun trio in your financial sky teams up with Saturn and Mars to help you look for ways to give your income a boost, sniff out great deals and unmissable offers, and solve your problems. You're too sensible to listen to the planets urging you to spend your cash like there's no tomorrow!


    The Venus/Mercury/Sun trio trine Neptune/Jupiter, and sextile Pluto, is great news for your love life! You can expect a torrid month. You and your partner could even talk about getting married or having a baby. You will enjoy making fantastic memories with your family towards the end of the month.


    The festive season is the perfect opportunity to spend time with those who mean the world to you. You love getting back to your roots and sharing your childhood memories with your own little family! Being with your loved ones helps you relax, recharge your batteries and forget about your problems!

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