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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    The Saturn/Uranus square continues to slow your projects down, unsettle your relationships and make you feel like your life is at a standstill. Venus in your shadow sector negatively affects your love life. Your finances are looked after by Jupiter. Luck is on your side! Neptune encourages you to trust your gut.


    The Saturn/Sun duo in your sign encourages you to think about which direction you'd like to move your life in. Is it time for you to grow up and become slightly more responsible? Probably! Start acting your age, my Aquarius friend! Also, keep a close eye on your joints, skin and teeth. Your love life has seen better days!


    The Sun starts shining on your love life again! Venus and Mars enjoy spicing up your relationship. Halfway through the month, a short argument will be followed by a torrid night under the quilt! Your financial sky is full of planets trying their best to help you give your income a boost. Listen to their advice!


    Mars and Saturn slow your progress down. But the Sun and Mercury should help you find a way around the obstacles standing in your way, rest assured! From the 16th, Mars protects your finances. Next to Venus/Neptune/Jupiter, it shares all kinds of clever little ways to give your income a boost with you!

  • MAY

    Mercury in Gemini, retrograde on May 10, asks you to analyze your friendships and, from the 24th, your family relationships. Uncovering a huge secret could be part of your plans! Jupiter and Venus in Aries look after your sentimental life. You could fall in love with the first stranger who smiles at you this month!

  • JUNE

    Jupiter and Mars in Aries are on the same page as you! Your initiatives are supported. The planets in Taurus advise you to take care of a financial or materialistic issue. Don't wait until it's too late to ask for what you're owed! Know your rights and stand up for yourself. Venus makes it easier for you to talk to new people!

  • JULY

    With the Mercury/Sun duo sextile Uranus, you're in the mood to show what you're capable of and fulfill your potential. Blessed with an incredibly powerful imagination and intuition, you're able to deal with your problems as they arise and keep on moving your life forward no matter what. Around the 20th, a beautiful encounter could take place!


    You must keep a close eye on your finances because of the Neptune/Mercury opposition from the 18th to the 25th. You could find it hard to think straight... Venus in Leo is opposite your sign and square Uranus. In a relationship, you're desperate to reclaim your freedom! Try not to do something you could seriously regret... Make your partner laugh instead!


    Jupiter and Mercury aren't friends anymore! Misunderstandings could be on the menu. Towards the end of the month, Venus opposite Neptune will turn you into a bit of a dreamer... Who will soon be in for a rude awakening! With Mars and Mercury, you're impressively convincing. Useful!


    Your love life is blossoming! Venus and the Sun allow you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the future. Expect fantastic memories to be made around the 15th thanks to the trine formed with Mars. Saturn, also in a trine, could introduce you to someone you'd like to settle down with. At work, a lack of visibility is likely to hold you back.


    The Mercury/Sun/Venus trio opposite Uranus could trigger arguments and disagreements with your partner towards the beginning of the month. You can't accept being in a relationship with someone who's too controlling or possessive! From the 17th, Venus and Mercury moving to Sagittarius will solve all of your problems...


    Until the 10th, Venus will help you make fantastic memories with your other half, but be careful not to start idealizing them... Then, Venus in your shadow sector is going to dampen the mood! A secret relationship is getting out of hand... Stop splashing the cash as a way to cheer yourself up!

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