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Full Moon in Virgo

February 19, 2019

What is the symbolism of a Full Moon?

The Full Moon brings about a time of completion, of achievement. Emotions can be intense and overwhelming. This Virgo’s Full Moon complements the theme of the last New Moon. As it was an Aquarius New Moon, you might have planted some unconventional seeds or made unexpected choices. Now, it’s the time of realization, you will find out if it has worked for you. To achieve results, you had to take action, if not, you might have lost an opportunity and have wasted  precious time.

What are the Virgo Moon side effects?

Virgo is an Earth sign, it needs structure, organization and regularity. Even though, we talk of the crazy Virgo, it needs stability and balance, to function harmoniously. Virgo rules the daily routine and co-workers, it can be picky and overcritical at times. Virgo is helpful and compassionate. Health, alimentation and well-being are most important.

How will the Virgo Full Moon affect you?

If the Full Moon in Virgo falls in:

You focus on your appearance and you’ll want to improve it, with new clothes or a new haircut. You want to be neat and discreet; you favor a classical version of yourself!

Your administrative and financial papers will be put in order. You’re good for organizing and like to have  plan. Your skills will be appreciated! 

You will be well rested, talking more because of an   insatiable curiosity, and you might annoy others with your questions. Going for a big walk or a short trip could help!

You will be willing to help and provide good meals to your family. But you might be judgmental and critical with your close ones. This attitude could turn them off!

You have put a lot of energy into a creative project and are waiting for the results. You might be restless and nervous. Activities and efforts with children pay off!

Your behavior at work could have negative results as you can be especially picky and bossy today. Avoid being a perfectionist, and you will enjoy your success!

You stick to your guns and are unwilling to adapt to your partner’s needs. You might wish for too big of a love, for an impossible relation, so keep your feet grounded!

You could tighten your belt when it comes to financial matters. You will have to find a compromise if you benefit from shared resources. You need to be open and flexible!

You are consistent and precise; any topic is taken seriously. Studying and traveling will be organized, with a long-term plan. Achievement and success guaranteed!

This is a time for recognition and success if you have put some efforts into your work or career. If you have been patient and consistent, you will be rewarded!

You might have taken the lead in a project that involves friends. Unless it is a social, political or a humanitarian cause. And you should get impressive results, today!

You could benefit from some new technics in health matters. If you have changed treatment, you could appreciate the results of your disciplined attitude!

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