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Astrologist, Tarologist, Clairvoyant

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio



You know truth when you hear it. It begins in the bones, not the ears, nor in the belief that being mean to yourself will yield positive results. And yet, so often we choose the harder path, not necessarily because it's the road less traveled and therefore more glorious, but because somewhere we learned that if we weren't suffering, we must not be doing things right. We pick partners who play games. Jobs that don't serve our needs. Friends who don't nourish or nurture our dreams and our wellness. As a reader, artist, and athlete, I understand challenge and the thirst for impact. I get excited by deep conversation, complexity, and paradox.Who are you?What's your voice?What's the dream you return to day after day?Contrary to popular opinion,I don't believe the only way to grow is to be harsh, either with yourself or with others.My philosophy is not to give narrow answers but to help you hone the skills you need to arrive at your own, long after we've parted ways, no matter the question.

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