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Tarologist, Clairvoyant

Zodiac Sign: Cancer



Phaedra is a kind hearted soul, better more, she “GETS IT”. She gets that living every waking moment on this planet is not always easy, and definitely not always fair. She believes at times we seem to fall backwards from our dreams and goals. Falling backwards knocks our world as we know it into a whirlwind of more life events to crash right on top of us, or at least that is what it feels. It stops here; you are not alone. Phaedra enjoys life. She loves LOVE and is rooting for you, even if you cannot always root for yourself. They say with Phaedra, you have a true friend for a lifetime. She understands how difficult it truly is at times in this life we live. She uses tarot cards and wisdom to help coast you to a much more breathable state in life. She says two heads and two hearts are much better than ONE.

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