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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 19th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll make it clear to your partner that, in spite of the recent ups and downs, you'll be by their side forever more.You can't imagine life without your other half and your relationship continues to go from strength to strength. You're ready to embrace the future and set the wheels in motion with your joint projects. Everything is as it should be!


    You're starting to doubt whether there's more to this new encounter than friendship after all. There's clearly a deep bond between you but a lack of physical attraction is standing in the way. The zodiac is urging you to take all the time you need and simply et to know each other better without any pressure. Everything will fall into place one way or the other.

    Sexy tip

    The sky will give your libido an incredible boost, which you will have to live up to! Aiming high will help you reach cloud nine quicker...


    You are advised to make time for those meetings today and get ahead of the game with your projects as ou career has started to slack. Your boss is about to send some new projects your way and you won't have a spare second to think for the rest of the day. The pressure is on.

    Your finances

    Your finances are in need of a helping hand but please be careful before accepting third party advice. A friend or relative may profess to be an expert in the matter but you'd be better off making an appointment with an independent advisor.

    Your lucky number




    Keep a close eye on your friendships today as power struggles and ego battles could throw a spanner in the works. Don't let today's events come between you.


    You and your family have got plenty of issues to resolve and you're clearly feeling at a loose end. You'll decide to take a backseat and let everyone else battle it out together.

    Your saying

    « Wealth gives legs to cripples, beauty to monsters and interest to tears » Armenian saying


    The stress is mounting and you're clearly struggling to keep up with the pace. The result will be digestive problems and a lack of sleep.

    Your color

    An autumnal color, mustard goes wonderfully well with all shades of grays and kakis.

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