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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You have doubts concerning your partner. Your relationship isn't what it used to be. You try to revive the passion but it doesn't work. You have the impression of tilting at windmills. Your initiatives are one-sided, your partner doesn't see the efforts you're making. You're not able to control the situation. You give it your all.


    You look for an emotional relationship based on sincerity and honesty. All the people you've met until now have disappointed you and you don't believe in love anymore. You withdraw and need to get some hindsight on your past love life. Don't lose hope, every cloud has a silver lining!

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try having sex in an unusual place? The risk of being caught turns you on! You could explore new horizons on the sex front, with your partner's approval of course!


    A hitch comes in the way of an ongoing project. You're not advised to take action urgently. The delays you come across don't rhyme with refusal. You need to analyze the situation before taking a stand.

    Your finances

    You need to handle a crisis situation. A financial transaction doesn't go as planned. It's better to negotiate a time frame rather than lowering the maturity amount. Your banker drives you into a corner.

    Your lucky number




    You slowly distance yourself from your friends. There is a gap. The reason? Your choices aren't always accepted. You're saddened by their reaction.


    Family disagreements intensify. You try to temper this but there is a lot of criticism. Exhausted by the clashes, you throw in the towel.

    Your saying

    "Most often, stupidity is the sister of wickedness." Sophocles


    Your depression can be felt. You don't feel like making efforts, you can't take it anymore.

    Your color

    Bright and lively, electric blue is THE color in fashion to spice up your wardrobe... Brace yourself for an electrifying shopping spree!

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