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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- July 29th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A slightly frustrating evening can be expected. Your partner struggles to understand your real intentions! Be as patient as you possible can. Avoid serious conversations like the plague! Use your sense of humor to make your other half laugh and calm things down between you two. Turn what promised to be a chaotic night into a romantic and sensual one!


    Same story, different day. Your sentimental life remains far too boring for your liking. Why are you finding it impossible to be happy?! You cannot stop fantasizing over someone in particular, but you're too afraid of rejection to go talk to them. Make the most of the single life while you still can. Love will come knocking when and where you least expect it!

    Sexy tip

    In order to send him to heaven, don't forget to know how to... slow down! Being looked after and taken care of melts your little heart.


    A busy day is in the cards. You're absolutely petrified of making mistakes in the workplace. You're such a meticulous and ambitious employee! But you're not completely happy in this domain. You like your job, but you cannot stand your colleagues!

    Your finances

    You work hard and play hard! You really know how to make the most of what life has to offer in your spare time. Buying clothes is one of your favorite pastimes! You love designer brands... They're expensive, but totally worth it as far as you're concerned!

    Your lucky number




    You love seeing the same old faces all the time. You can only surround yourself with people you 100% trust. An old friend has been acting slightly suspiciously lately...


    You're incredibly clumsy... Think very carefully before you speak! A slip of the tongue could leave you seriously embarrassed.

    Your saying

    "There's nothing good or bad but those two things: wisdom, and ignorance." Plato


    Enjoy yourself responsibly! Stick to a healthy lifestyle whenever possible. You hate not feeling your best.

    Your color

    From clothes to make-up, indigo brightens up all fashion shows these days!

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