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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 14th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Moon/Neptune sextile helps you make exciting plans with your significant other. You will enjoy talking to your partner about the projects you have in mind! But don't be too naive for your own good... Make sure your ideas are realistic before trying to put them into practice. Dreaming is good for the soul, but aiming too high can be demoralizing too...


    Venus close to your sign makes you even more charming and attractive than usual. Make the most of it while it lasts, but beware of Jupiter urging you to take reckless initiatives in this domain! Its square with the Moon in your sign makes it annoyingly hard for you to control your emotions... Try not to do anything you would seriously regret!

    Sexy tip

    You're looking for an intellectual connection as well as physical attraction. But good sex is hard to find if you overthink everything...


    You've had better days! You're nowhere near as organized or productive as usual in the workplace... The worst part is, you don't even seem to care about making mistakes! At least the Moon/Neptune sextile should fill you with creative ideas...

    Your finances

    With the Moon/Jupiter square, be careful not to spend your money like there's no tomorrow! You're addicted to going out and shopping online... Learn how to control your impulses before it's too late! You're closer to being broke than you think.

    Your lucky number




    The Moon/Neptune sextile in this domain allows you to make exciting plans with your friends. But please stop talking about trips or events none of you can realistically afford!


    Try not to eat too much today. You have a sweet tooth and you find it so hard to cut down on sugar... Try to enjoy yourself responsibly, my Taurus friend!

    Your saying

    « Love them and publish them. Hate them and hide them » Egyptian saying


    You have such an extreme personality! Learn how to control your impulses. Stop being so generous!

    Your color

    For a real vintage look, give aquiline leather a try.

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