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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 21st, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Dear Taurus, the combined forces of the Sun and Moon in your romance sector are a cause for concern today. Communication is at an all time low between you and your other half and the bad news is that the situation will get worse before it gets better. You're acting more like roommates than lovers these days so it could be time to have that all-important discussion...


    The Moon and Sun are not on the same wavelength and you could end up getting your wires crossed with your love interest as a result. If you hope to see any progress on the romance front today then it will turn out to be nothing more than wishful thinking. It's time to come back down to Earth and admit that you and this person are like chalk and cheese.

    Sexy tip

    A good massage will put both you and your partner in the mood for it! Sweet and caring, you will enjoy a delightful night in each other's company.


    You're so afraid of failure when it comes to your career than you'll miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime today. Prudence has replaced ambition and by playing it safe you're actually cutting your nose off to spite your face. It's time to talk some sense into yourself.

    Your finances

    The Moon is laying out some traps for you and you'll fall straight into them today. Your finances are on a slippery slope already and one wrong move could spell disaster. Your unhealthy relationship with money has become a cause for concern.

    Your lucky number




    Your curious nature could get you into hot waters today when you ask a friend one prying question too many. Curiosity killed the cat!


    Dear Taurus, the Moon is wreaking havoc in your home life and causing you to come to blows with your loved ones. Everyone seems to have it in for you today.

    Your saying

    "The lights of the dawn are not as sweet as the first glances of glory. " Vauvenargues


    Problems in your personal life are weighing you down and preventing you from looking on the bright side. Your sleep will soon start to suffer.

    Your color

    Red coral and orangey-red will brighten up bronzed skins and make you feel like you're still on vacation!

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