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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You know exactly how to melt your partner's little heart. You find it easy to say or show how much they mean to you! Your feelings are so strong. Making plans for the future is a great way to provide your other half with all the reassurance they need. Your sex life is supported today. You're as attracted to each other as you were back on the day you first met!


    You're in the mood to fall in love! But nothing ever goes according to plan in this domain. You're attracted to someone who's already taken. Shall you steer clear of that person or have an affair behind their partner's back? The planets make it impossible for you to make up your mind. At least your love life feels exciting... Intense emotions are on the menu!

    Sexy tip

    Stroke his body and cuddle up to him. The rest will naturally follow... Kiss him on the neck, just under his ear, with the tip of your tongue...


    You work a lot. Second-to-none organization skills allow you to stand out from the crowd. Your colleagues admire your working methods. One of them cannot stop asking you for help or advice... Don't be afraid to say no! Enough is enough... Don't let other people slow you down!

    Your finances

    Another expensive day is in the cards. You're in the mood to brighten up your everyday life by treating yourself to new pieces of furniture today. Think very carefully before spending half your wages on things you like but don't need...

    Your lucky number




    You love inviting people over to your place. You're such a great host! You're in the mood to cook lunch or dinner for some of your best friends this Sunday.


    You're incredibly stubborn, but people still love you! Try to let a family member have the last word, for once... Save yourself an unnecessary argument!

    Your saying

    « Five in the hand is worth more than ten waiting » Greek saying


    A relaxing day can be expected. An afternoon nap will do you a world of good! Being stressed doesn't suit you.

    Your color

    Majorelle blue will give you eyes like a siren's!

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