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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 25th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Arguments can be constructive. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with your significant other from time to time. Clearing the air is better than bottling up your feelings and emotions. It's important to learn from your mistakes! Your partner will appreciate your attempts to move your union back in the right direction.


    You're slightly too emotional for your own good this Wednesday. You go from being worryingly shy one minute to overly confident the next. Your emotions are all over the place, my Taurus friend! You find it very hard to identify what you're currently looking for in this domain. Don't worry, you should start feeling more relaxed sooner rather than later...

    Sexy tip

    You will easily fall for a glamorous and sensual behavior... You're like a predator, ready to jump on your prey when he least expects it!


    Hearing colleagues or superiors criticize the quality of your work makes you sick to your stomach! But be very careful not to waste a lot of time and energy trying to prove your critics wrong... There's simply no pleasing some people, my Taurus friend!

    Your finances

    Avoid lending money at all costs! The people asking you for help would never pay you back, trust us. Don't ever trust anyone in this domain, not even close family members. The planets are asking you to stop being so generous...

    Your lucky number




    You cannot understand why one of your friends is so obnoxious and ignorant. They act as if you didn't exist! What on earth did you do to them?


    You'd like to clear a couple of things up with your family. Wait until you've calmed down a little bit to speak your mind...

    Your saying

    "Without the soul, the body wouldn't have feelings. Without the body, the soul wouldn't have sensations." Rivarol


    You look exhausted, my Taurus friend. Find ways to relax before it's too late...

    Your color

    A pastel bluey color, lavender is so trendy these days!

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