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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 26th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The quincunx between Jupiter and your sign will have a negative impact on your relationship. You could be too busy to see your parnter or, even worse, tempted to cheat on them today! You will be criticized for acting very strangely... The presence of Mars in your love sky could, to make matters worse, cause you to be incredibly stubborn and argumentative.


    Beware of the contradictory influxes present in your sentimental sky. Saturn in Capricorn will make you feel like settling down, but Venus in Libra will encourage you to play the field at the same time! Your behavior could lack consistency in this domain. If you meet someone you like, take your time before you decide to commit to that person...

    Sexy tip

    Your current situation will not encourage you to enjoy yourself at night... Sometimes, it's important to recharge your batteries in order to be more performant later on!


    Driven and hardworking, you will be in the mood to move towards your professional objectives today. A great motivator, you know how to bring out the best in your colleagues. They see you as such a great natural leader!

    Your finances

    You're not worried about your financial situation, but you have no idea why your superiors keep refusing to give you the raise you think you deserve. What an injustice! It's time to get paid what you're worth or start looking for a job elsewhere...

    Your lucky number




    Incredibly honest, you would never dream of lying to your friends or to yourself. Everyone who knows you is impressed with how genuine and innocent you are!


    You're a bit of a moaner, aren't you? Don't worry, that's also why your little family loves you so much, my Taurus friend! Your loved ones find your tantrums adorable...

    Your saying

    « Passion burns the strongest of promises like fire burns light straw » William Shakespeare


    Your energy levels are on the up, but please remember to pace yourself. You're not quite back to your best just yet...

    Your color

    Dark purple make-up, from lilac to plum, is appropriate all-year round.

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