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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 28th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The planetary opposition represented today by Uranus will make your quick-tempered side resurface! Your partner won't be able to coincide your dreams with the reality you want. Buddy Taurus, this will also give you the desire to do scarper from your marital life!


    Buddy Taurus, someone might seem extremely oppressive. You'll even have the feeling of being a couple, of course with its most restrictive sides. Today, you'll feel like cutting emotional ties at once. What did you expect, when one plays with fire, one eventually gets burnt!

    Sexy tip

    It will be in your best interest to guide his hand and his lips... Make it last! Cuddle and kiss him for a long time before the act...


    With your withering side, your collaborators will never know what you wish to say. Today, you'll be defiant with advise and the instructions your receive. In short, you'll be the really irritating one around!

    Your finances

    You'll forget to write a list of all the products you need while doing grocery shopping. So, you'll end up buying useless things and exceed the budget...You can be ashamed of yourself!

    Your lucky number




    You'll be everything but cheerful with your friends. You think nobody holds a candle to you! Someone will order you to explain this...


    You'll be tired of playacting in front of your in laws. You'll find any excuse so that you don't see them today...

    Your saying

    "He who dominates others is strong. He who dominates himself is powerful." Laozi


    Uranus might create blood flow issues in your legs, this is why they'll feel heavy...

    Your color

    Chestnut-brown hair dye will soften your hair and brighten up your eyes if you're a brunette.

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