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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 26th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Through the good impulses from the Venus-Uranus sextil, you'll show top-notch behavior. Indeed in your couple, you'll do your best to make your dreams come true and the ones of your partner...However, promising conversations, along with beautiful promises shall be exchanged during the evening. The atmosphere will be festive!


    Venus won't let you down...Today, you'll forget about your childishness and find arguments to seduce someone from the Earth sign! You'll be able to charm through seducing and sweet words. You'll be like a little bee, who'll find his flower gather nectar, without feeling blue!

    Sexy tip

    You will probably wait for your partner to make the first move before taking full advantage of him! His hands drive you crazy, a massage would be more than welcome.


    Due to the opposition from Mars, all the elements will be present to turn this day into an ordeal. At work, you'll wonder what you're doing in this mess! You're fed up!

    Your finances

    With Venus's help, you'll be able to detect and manage anything which could increase your buying power. You'll be very proud of your management and your triple A. You'll examine the advantages and disadvantages of life insurance.

    Your lucky number




    Under the pressure from Uranus, it'll be time to forgive and make up. You'll decide to mutually help with your friends.


    No false modesty! You'll be the intellectual one. Indeed, you'll be very knowledgeable. Your loved ones will listen and follow your advise...

    Your saying

    "He who didn't cross the river cannot laugh at someone who drowned." African proverb


    Today, you'll be like a kitten. You'll sleep a lot, eat and snack all the time. An effortless day...

    Your color

    Lime green clothes will fit you like a glove for your weekend adventure.

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