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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 11th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You must keep your cool in all circumstances. With Mars in Aries opposite your sign and Venus, you could take a few needless risks in this domain today. Mars irritates you and fills you with doubts, but Venus tries to help you show how kind, caring and generous you truly are by nature. Keep on moving your relationship forward, my Libra friend!


    You feel incredibly lonely. The square from Saturn in Libra on Venus in your sign marks the start of a frustrating period for your sentimental life. You're bored of one-night stands... You're sick of being ghosted after spending the night with someone you liked! You're hurt and sad right now, my single friend.

    Sexy tip

    You don't really like change, but you could get off the beaten paths today. Act as if you were having an affair... Meet up in a hotel!


    The conjunction formed by Venus in your sign (2nd decan) will give your motivation and creative skills a boost in the workplace. Besides, you're very good at providing your colleagues with all the help and support thy need. That's why you're such a popular employee!

    Your finances

    You've got a bit of spare cash in the bank, but spending a fortune on something you don't need is out of the question. Saving up remains your priority right now.

    Your lucky number




    You're devoted to the people who mean the world to you. You take the time to listen to one of your best friends talk about their problems. They need your help and advice!


    The presence of Venus in your sign calms you down and helps you find pragmatic solutions to the problems your family is currently faced with...

    Your saying

    "A moment of patience can prevent great misfortunes, a moment of impatience can destroy an entire life." Chinese proverb


    Exercise regularly if you want to stay in shape. Jupiter in Capricorn encourages you to eat and/or drink a lot more than you should...

    Your color

    A mustardy yellow will perfectly match all types of grays and kakis.

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