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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- June 26th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You're aware that your relationship is slowly but surely running out of steam. You're really not prepared to settle for a boring routine, my Libra friend! You need to have fun, to step outside your comfort zone, to enjoy what life has to offer. To kick things off, start by asking your partner to take part in original activities with you.


    You were brave enough to ask your latest crush out and tell them how they make you feel, but unfortunately that person didn't like you back. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! Go out and meet as many new people as you possibly can. Having fun with your friends or complete strangers is the best way to heal your sentimental scars.

    Sexy tip

    Play with their hair, slowly massage their neck... Put your partner in the mood to spend a night to remember in your company!


    Paying too much attention to detail can slow you down. You often see problems where there aren't any! Your career isn't moving forward as quickly as you'd like, but giving up isn't an option. The planets support your projects.

    Your finances

    A challenging day as far as money is concerned. You must look for ways to move your finances back in the right direction before it's too late. Try not to end the month in your overdraft, for once... Spend your hard-earned cash very cautiously.

    Your lucky number




    A mixed day for your friendships. You keep arguing with people whose personalities are different from yours. Try to avoid them this Friday.


    Try to understand what's really going on before shouting at your little family. Be patient, things will probably go back to normal by the evening.

    Your saying

    "Nothing is constant apart from change." Buddha


    Your stress levels spiral out of control at the minute. You find it impossible to keep your cool at times!

    Your color

    Azure blue eye shadow will guarantee you an intense and bright look.

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