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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- July 30th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Despite your best efforts, there are still problems in your relationship. The light of love is fading, and you're scrambling to find the cause. Your partner sees all the concessions you're making. Don't hesitate to declare your love for them. Let your romantic nature shine forth.


    The stars are giving you a chance to take a break. You see your recent mistakes. The climate is favorable to having a fling or coming back to a former lover.

    Sexy tip

    Take control in the evening to guarantee a memorable night with your lover! Your efforts will get the rewards they deserve...


    Time spent with a colleague might make you think about your career path. You want to take a new direction where you'll get more recognition.

    Your finances

    You're being careful with your money for fear of not being able to make ends meet later this month. You're focusing on paying the bills.

    Your lucky number




    Think twice before you prod your friend. A lively dispute might result.


    Don't fly off the handle, because there's already a lot of tension with this person.

    Your saying

    "Gravity is no more than the bark of wisdom, but it protects it." Chinese proverb


    Give yourself some rest. You need it. Get a good night's sleep.

    Your color

    For dark and deep eyes, give charcoal black eye shadow and eyeliner a try.

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