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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- November 29th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Between misunderstandings and dialogue of the deaf, each one of you will over-analyze everything without actually putting oneself in the other's shoes or soul searching. You might get angry and could end up saying more than you mean. Once you say them out loud, you'll regret them without knowing how to apologize.


    A suitor might try to take advantage of your kindness, especially if you just met. You'll be forced to take a stand, express your limits so that you don't feel overwhelmed due to several messages to which you don't wish to respond. You'll be disappointed as it'll ruin this new complicity.

    Sexy tip

    For you, sex will be nothing more than the icing on the cake. You're not exactly in a rush to jump into bed with your partner. Play hard to get.


    You'll be much more tenacious while making efforts and ambitious, you'll use your intuition while making choices to climb up the ladder. You won't count your time or the work you pitch in to make this happen.

    Your finances

    You can allow yourself to take some risks in finances without actually jeopardizing your budget. You won't lose sight of your obligations and will anticipate your outlays, so that you're not caught off-guard in the future.

    Your lucky number




    One of your acquaintances will inform you about something you weren't expecting, but you won't be surprised. You'll take decisions.


    You'll be fragile, faced with the difficulties you come across as a family. You'll feel like talking to a loved one to clarify the situation.

    Your saying

    "All living beings are Buddha and have in them wisdom and virtue. " Buddha


    You'll consider going on a diet to resume vitality. Don't be a perfectionist and get some professional help.

    Your color

    Creamy and slightly orangey, corn yellow is a great color to enhance beige and soften yellow outfits.

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