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Libra Daily Horoscope

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- August 10th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Yes, you're a hopeless romantic, but you're also quite serious when you want to be! A cloudless sentimental sky will make it enjoyable for you to spend time with your partner today. You two can go from having a deep conversation to fooling around in the blink of an eye! You and your partner won't be afraid to say how much you love each other this Friday...


    Of course, the summer is the best time of the year to go out, meet strangers and flirt around. You will meet your fair share of singletons looking for a one-night stand this Friday, my Libra friend! But having a bit of fun isn't your priority right now. Your dream is to find your Mr. of Mrs. Right! You want to fall in love, and you're not interested in anything else for the time being...

    Sexy tip

    Take control, be dominant, surprise your partner, it will turn him on. Why don't you try to shout abuse at him during sex? You could be pleasantly surprised!


    Mars retrograde could slow you down. You will have no choice but to start tasks again from scratch or cancel appointments scheduled for today. Nothing will go according to plan, which will truly unsettle you... But you won't give up, you never do!

    Your finances

    Saturn retrograde could negatively affect your finances today. Don't worry, as you will continue to receive the support of Jupiter in this domain, helping you resolve every problem you may be faced with this Friday.

    Your lucky number




    You're very versatile and you enjoy hanging out with people from all kinds of different backgrounds. A real social chameleon...


    You listen to your loved ones and find the right words cheer them up. If you're a parent, you will have a chat with a teenager who spends too much time partying these days.

    Your saying

    "A woman is the only vase we have left in which to pour our ideals." Goethe


    You're impressively dynamic and in a fantastic mood, but that's not a reason to push your body beyond its limits this Friday!

    Your color

    Cerulean blue takes over wintery gray in your wardrobe... to get rid of the clouds in your sky!

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