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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- April 30th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Jupiter in your romance sector is helping you to break the ice and settle the score with the love of your life. The Moon sextile is playing its part to perfection by giving you a healthy dose of optimism and energy. You're putting those doubts to the back of your mind and not letting your past mistakes stand in the way of your future happiness. The best is yet to come!


    Neptune is putting you through your paces today and causing you to feel unhappy with your lot. Your expectations of your future partner are so high that you're only setting yourself up for a fall. You are advised to stop fretting and take things as they come instead of trying to control everything. Jupiter will help you to look on the bright side.

    Sexy tip

    Make love somewhere other than in your bed! Listen to your imagination!


    The Saturn square and Sun-Uranus conjunction are putting a downer on the day. You've just about given up hope of your career ever getting off the ground and have resigned yourself to making coffee forevermore. Fortunately Jupiter will force you to come to your senses.

    Your finances

    Thanks to Neptune you're on your best behavior at the moment when it comes to money and there's no doubt that you've come on leaps and bounds in recent weeks. You're prioritizing your future financial security and you don't mind making sacrifices in the short term.

    Your lucky number




    Jupiter in your friendship sector, paired with the Moon's positive energies, spells good news all round on the social front. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed by your pals.


    You'll have no qualms in being honest with your family members today and will dish your opinion out left, right and center without being asked for it. Oh dear...

    Your saying

    « Love is a dew that moistens nettles as well as lily flowers » Scandinavian saying


    Jupiter's positive vibes are compensating for Saturn's bleak spirit. You're trying your best to follow the former's lead!

    Your color

    Don't hesitate to add hints of fuchsia to dark clothes and outfits.

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