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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 3rd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    It's always all or nothing with you... Your reactions are far too extreme for your lover's liking! You're not very easy to live with these days, despite Uranus trying its best to calm you down. Meet your significant other halfway, for a change. Learn how to walk a mile in their shoes. You're far too intolerant and narrow-minded for your own good.


    You're a lot less tolerant and open-minded than usual today. You will, as a result, struggle to attract as much attention as what you're used to, my single friend. What's happening to you? You're sad and angry all the time, but you don't even know why... Have a rest and recharge your batteries. Spend the day looking after yourself if you can.

    Sexy tip

    An evening alone? Get your favorite toys out... A hot bath with your plastic friends will perk you right up!


    The Sun, master of your sign, forms a sextile with Neptune to make you incredibly driven and ambitious in the workplace. Looking for ways to move your career forward is the only thing on your mind. There are no problems with you, only solutions!

    Your finances

    You should receive great news as far as your career is concerned. You could be offered a raise or promotion. Your hard work is finally going to get the recognition is deserves! Your superiors are desperate to keep hold of such a talented employee...

    Your lucky number




    The Mars/Venus trine makes you more charming and popular than ever! Your friends worship the ground you walk on... You feel so good in their company.


    In a funny and cheeky mood, you will know how to make your family laugh during the traditional Sunday lunch. But please keep your controversial jokes to yourself...

    Your saying

    "An egoist is incapable of loving a friend. But he cannot live without friends: he would never love himself enough alone." Eugène Labiche


    You're impressively dynamic, but be careful to keep your ego in check. You could become slightly too arrogant for your own good...

    Your color

    A mustardy yellow will perfectly match all types of grays and kakis.

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