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Leo Daily Horoscope

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- January 27th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Oh! Sundays with family isn't always what one hopes for! Luckily your loved ones can count on your natural authority to get things in order, without intensifying disagreements. Your partner will be proud of your behavior and relieved that you're completely capable of being disciplined, while being cheerful.


    You seduce wildly. As soon as you're outside, people look at you whether you're dressed beautifully or with a simple outfit. You make this effect, but not on purpose. It's innate! However, some people imagine that you're doing your best to attract attention and express extreme jealousy towards you.

    Sexy tip

    You won't be afraid to let passion get the better of you and look for torrid exchanges. Ask and you will get! Your partner's priority is to make you happy...


    If you're working this Sunday, you won't feel like making the necessary efforts to move forward with your tasks. You'll drag your feet! If something gets complicated, you'll wait for a better time and won't force things.

    Your finances

    The Jupiter/Neptune square which touches the sector, requires you to be very careful with potential financial operations. Avoid any kind of speculation! Stick to doing your accounts and and postpone possible investments.

    Your lucky number




    It'll be wise to have an unlimited phone package as today you're going to have long conversations with friends who live far away.


    The least one can say is, as long as long as you don't put your two cents in, you won't rediscover calm!

    Your saying

    "Every truth isn't worth believing in." Beaumarchais


    Thanks to your tact, you'll manage to assuage your entourage. However, you might experience headaches after this.

    Your color

    Wear sexy cherry red lipstick!

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