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Gemini Daily Horoscope

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- November 5th, 2022 -

  • Astro news

    Astro news

    The Moon in Aries wants you to be daring, and even more daring! However, Saturn is stubbornly trying to slow you down, alternating doubts and disillusionment.

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Venus's square to Saturn is closer, and you don't seem to be very comfortable with your other half. Some frustration sets in, for no reason. Your usual carefree attitude is absent, your mind seems preoccupied with thoughts that are wandering. Find optimism, you need it.


    Saturn seems to inhibit your emotions; you no longer care about pleasing or seducing. The very idea of going for a coffee alone makes you run away! You need to get moving, and you have a hard time staying put. Go for a run, nothing better to evacuate the tensions. And stop as little as possible!

    Love advice

    The feeling of love is experiencing some setbacks, with Venus working in slow motion! You are not able to do as you wish, some dissatisfactions come to mind. Take a step back and put things into perspective. Find compensations to externalize your frustrations.



    A certain vulnerability surprises, caused by the impression that nothing goes! Try not to let yourself be influenced by demotivating stars, react! With the Moon in Aries, the imagination is active, and the impulse is decisive. Go for it!

    Your finances

    Beware of excessive Jupiter, which does not spare you. His square to Mars passes through the sign, and reinforces an excitement that is difficult to control. Saturn tries to control your desires, but not always as you should. Temper.


    Health & wellbeing

    The usual optimism is compromised by a demoralizing Saturn. But you want to enjoy your weekend, whatever the setbacks. Adapt.


    Friends & family

    Some of your friends may disappoint you. That's the risk you run when you choose quantity over quality. Sort it out, it is necessary.

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