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Aries Daily Horoscope

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- September 8th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll get along just great with your partner today. You can count on them to support you with respect to certain projects that are important to you. For your part, you'll do everything possible to make the atmosphere at home nice. You'll complement each other nicely.


    There's likely a nice surprise in store for you today. Someone you've known for a long time might tell you they have feelings for you, and you'll be happy to hear it. This person is one of your close friends, so keep your eyes open!

    Sexy tip

    Being kissed and looked after suits you so well! Go back for more! Don't forget to rub ice cubes on his body to get him in the mood...


    Be very vigilant toward some of your colleagues. There's jealousy in the air, and some of your projects might be thwarted because of people who envy you.

    Your finances

    Don't be sure of your judgment today, dear Aries, because the planetary influences might make your logical mind a little biased. If you have some important transactions to make, it'd be wise to wait till tomorrow.

    Your lucky number




    Sometimes you need advice from a friend, but this time it seems like your friend is looking to run your life and tell you exactly what to do.


    The angle of Neptune today may make you feel stressed, or even paranoid. If you have children, have a little extra faith in them today.

    Your saying

    « Without the soul, the body wouldn't have feelings. Without the body, the soul wouldn't have sensations » Rivarol


    Certain Aries will want to start doing a sport, but don't commit to anything if you're not sure you can stay with it!

    Your color

    Majorelle blue will give you eyes like a siren's!

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