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From February 3 to March 2, 2019

Venus rules love, money, arts and good feelings. Venus in Capricorn is discreet, shy, not demonstrative, but down to Earth, its Element.

Venus in Capricorn needs to be satisfied, cherished and touched. It needs tangible clues and proofs in private if not in public; mental connection isn’t enough. It needs rituals and regular patterns as it doesn’t look for surprises or any unstable situation. Stability and long-term relationship suit it better, seriousness, fidelity and reliability are expected.

Venus in Capricorn wants to be secured and it rather stays away from dramas and conflicts.

When Venus in Capricorn is transiting

You are enthusiastic and social, more outgoing than ever. Good period to host a party, to improve your outlook and take initiative in romance!

Good time for commercial transactions, you are willing to buy or sell. You can indulge in luxury items to increase your standing and improve your status.

Pleasant respite, you can breathe and enjoy the landscape. Good relationships with your siblings and neighbors. Exciting gatherings and short trips.

You feel good at home and you might have a relooking project in mind. You enjoy time with your partner, your relatives and you could even have guests, over.

Love and romance are favored. Your creativity is enhanced but you are grounded and disciplined. You could share a hobby with children, yours or others.

You feel good physically and want to get fit. You want to improve work conditions and find harmony with your colleagues. But you could indulge in sweets!

You enjoy quiet and stable relationships with your partners, marital one and financial ones also. You feel responsible, you are a reliable and consistent person.

Feelings are strong at this time and romance has a strong sexual undertone. Good period for seeking a loan or for any serious other financial deal.

Anything exotic will sound more beautiful, more exciting. Good time for romance with a foreigner or when travelling. New educational hobby or studies.

Your charm is one of your skills, you will use it in negotiations and career matters. You want more harmony with co-workers, more beauty in your office.

You are more socially inclined and you want to have a good time. Friends and projects are inspiring. A long friendship could turn into something more important!

You could be in a position of service, taking care of someone you love. Or you could experience a secret love or a platonic relationship. Art is good therapy!

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