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Mars in Aries

From December 31, 2018 to Feb 15, 2019

On the very last day of 2018, Mars is back in its own sign, Aries, and with that move, we’re going to feel more decisive, active and determined.

Mars, the God of war, in Aries, is action, courage, anger, competition, assertion and power. Aries is proud, blunt, excessive, impulsive and violent at times, therefore the combination of the two, is going to be explosive and intense.

According to the Houses, Mars is transiting, and will bring more activity in the sector. According to the Aspects, it will form to other planets, its strong will can be positive or destructive. Finding the best way to deal with challenges and problems won’t be easy, there is going to be a lot of tension and pressure.

When Mars in Aries is transiting

It would be better to work independently or as the leader of your team. You are determined and you put a lot of effort to achieve your goal.

Watch out on impulsive actions and decisions, in financial matters. Impatience and extravagance, could undermine your work and resolutions.

If you are working on a project with siblings or neighbors, you will try to convince and take over. Time to improve your communication skills.

Finding balance between home (emotions) and career (mental/physical) is the challenge, now. You could change house or put some work into your nest.

You will express your creativity with much vitality. You will be productive and goal orientated. Don’t take risks and avoid gambling in love and money!

Hard work is in store for you, you are consistent and dedicated. Don’t overextend, the credit will be shared. Take a break, if necessary to restore your energy.

You need to clear any misunderstanding in your partnership if you want to avoid conflicts. You could work or share more physical activities, together.

Conflict about shared resources is common manifestation of this transit, you will feel powerless, frustrated if you can’t discuss with the ones, involved.

You are enthusiastic and can easily promote your ideas and beliefs. It is a great time for expansion. You could travel more or get involved in legal matters. 

You are more goal orientated than ever, you want to succeed in your work or career. A new project could uplift your expectations and stimulate your ambitions.

Your energy is high, you will take the leadership in a project with friends. You are ready to work hard but don’t be too demanding with co-workers.

You won’t be able to assert yourself even if you want it. It is a better time for working alone. Keep your emotional reactions under control. Take time out!

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