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29th November 2020


Recent arguments between you and your partner should fizzle out during the day. Your relationship isn't quite back to its best just yet, but at least your and your other half have finally stopped shouting at each other! Make sure you do something nice together this Sunday. A walk by the sea, ocean or nearest lake would work wonders!

Passion is on the menu! Mars in Aries opposite your sign fills you with intense feelings and emotions. But you're not interested in anything other than a serious relationship. You'd rather spend the day alone than flirting with strangers. Being by yourself should help you figure out your true needs and desires in this domain.


Those of you working this Sunday can expect a pretty straightforward and productive day in the office. The Moon in Taurus constantly reminds you that the sooner you finish your tasks, the earlier you'll be able to go home tonight...

You could decide to book an appointment with a financial advisor. You don't know how to invest your savings! You're afraid of throwing all your money away... You're right to be cautious!


You feel a lot less stressed and nervous than you did during the week. But you remain pretty tired! Have a rest before it's too late.


Your friends mean the world to you, even if you could be slightly too busy taking care of your family to see them today. You're always there to listen to their problems!

Spending time with your parents is your priority today. Invite them over for lunch or dinner this Sunday. Who doesn't like being cooked for?

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Cassidy, Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Hello this is Cassidy, and I am a tarot reader, numerologist and astrologist, looking to use my gifts to guide you toward a spiritually fulfilling life. If you’re worried about a loved one, are lonely, mourning a relationship or have questions about your career and future stability then I can assist you. I will provide insight with compassion and honesty and will leave you feeling positive about the future to come. Call now to start the healing process.

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Zoe, Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Zoe is a really great listener and a super gifted psychic! Her responses are extremely detailed and were all so true. It was my first time calling a psychic service and I’m so glad that I did! I had been grieving for my relationship, but she helped me put things into perspective, the future seems brighter.

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Lilly, Astrologist Tarologist Numerologist Clairvoyant


Explore the hidden realmes of love you may not know who you are you truly need to be during your life journey. Through numerology and astrology I can inveil your future and help you stir things up for the better. My gift of forseeing and using my depth readings you may not have to wait as long as you thought to make your life happier.

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