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Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Relationships supported by the planets. The month of January favours exchanges. Around you, communication is fluid. Under the favourable influence of Mercury in your relationships, you'll be able to make the necessary changes. As a couple, you are able to eliminate residual fears. On the business side, Mars gives you a wake-up call.


    Take advantage of the favourable energy of Mars in Aquarius to give an unprecedented boost to your personal and professional life. On the sentimental front, you're fighting the good fight. Venus in Aquarius brings a touch of lightness to your daily life. If you're single, there's a chance for you around the 15th. Go for it!


    Under dynamic energies! Mercury and the Sun in Aries favour action and initiative. You're becoming more enterprising. Sentimentally, you find the right words to make your partner and/or crush fall in love. At work, your enthusiasm grows and you find the weapons to establish a project.


    April under scrutiny. Difficulties and delays are likely to have a major impact on current projects. You'll have to be determined to get around obstacles. Compromises will have to be made. On a professional and material level, you'll have to show determination to negotiate advantages and/or a transaction.

  • MAY

    May is favourable to all projects. This month, nothing and no-one stands in your way, so you take action and think through every decision, weighing up the pros and cons. At heart, you deliberately avoid problems. Professionally, you are very assertive. You demand what is rightfully yours.

  • JUNE

    On the personal side, you need to clarify certain situations. Whether you're a couple or single, frustrations are gaining ground. Between separation, bad understanding, radio silence, it's chaos, and you're looking for answers. Professionally, a decision could prove irreversible. Evaluate the risks before jumping in headlong.

  • JULY

    The planets promise beautiful moments of sharing and togetherness. Whether you're a couple or single, you'll find support from those close to you. On a professional level, you may feel destabilised. Under the influence of Jupiter in Gemini, you'll be shaking things up. Financially, you need to find lasting solutions.


    Good resistance to stress! Your professional decisions stand out for their originality. The Sun in Leo reinforces your optimism and determination. Your popularity is growing. In your heart, your sex appeal is seductive. You attack head-on. In August, you no longer procrastinate, you decide to get straight to the point!


    The outlook is encouraging. The Sun in Libra enables you to seize the opportunities open to you. A new wind is blowing through your daily life. Venus in Libra reinvents your love life and brings a touch of sensuality to your romance. Financially, Mercury in Leo enables you to better assess your needs.


    Spotlight on relationships and exchanges. Mercury in Libra boosts contacts, and you enjoy good communication. Your professional network expands your field of action. If you're single, you're about to meet someone new. As a couple, autumn rhymes with commitment. On the professional side, you'll go the extra mile and honour all your commitments.


    On a roll. Your activities are bringing you encouraging returns. November marks the fulfilment of your expectations and the realisation of your projects. Your efforts will not be in vain, and you'll reap positive results. In your heart, it's the dolce vita. You shine under the influence of Mars in Leo. As a couple, feelings are intensifying.


    Everything's back in order. Positivity and willpower galore. Your self-esteem grows. You find your balance thanks to the support and advice of your friends. If you're single, your attraction seems to be mutual. As a couple, you're longing for renewal. On the professional side, the year ends with a bang. Responsibilities are more important.

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