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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    You're on a roll! In January, you seek to preserve your stability. Saturn in Pisces strengthens your social position. You enjoy a good reputation. Your popularity rating is on the rise. Sentimentally, certain words will make your heart skip a beat. If you're single, you're likely to meet someone new around the 20th.


    Always more comfort. Jupiter in Taurus will propel you to the top, and you'll embrace a new project. On the professional front, the future is clear. Good ideas are multiplying under the guidance of Mercury. As a duo, Uranus guarantees stability. Solo, your days are full. As for vitality, fatigue does not discourage you.


    You invest yourself in just causes. Mercury and Mars in Pisces offer you a great opportunity for progress, while Mercury in Aries causes disturbances in the social sphere. Romantically, you're on cloud nine. Financially, you're drawing up a new plan of action to reap the rewards.


    You'll have trouble finding your feet, and you'll feel misunderstood. In relationships, Mercury retrograde in Aries is causing a lot of tension. It will be difficult not to give in to impulsiveness. Venus in Aries will sap your morale, and love affairs will be thwarted. Professionally, you'll have to redouble your efforts.

  • MAY

    Taking time for yourself is the goal of the month. It's imperative that you take a break from your daily burdens and obligations. Dissonant planetary aspects are slowing your progress. Professionally, you're struggling to finalise a project. On the fitness front, your mind is elsewhere, and you're having trouble finding calm.

  • JUNE

    Professionally, you're consolidating what you've already achieved, and you're receiving guarantees. In the love sector, Venus in Gemini creates a climate of seduction. Financially, you will keep a critical eye on your financial situation. Mars in Taurus helps you to maintain your general equilibrium.

  • JULY

    An explosive summer! There's no time to rest on your laurels, and you'll be working hard to meet the expectations of those around you. As far as your feelings are concerned, you'll be putting your heart on vacation by distancing yourself geographically and/or emotionally. Professionally, you make a long-term commitment, with a financial bonus in your sights.


    The planetary energies circulating in Virgo will make any doubts disappear. Productive, in the professional field, you'll manage a group project efficiently. Financially, you'll be more reasonable and careful with your spending. As a duo, you'll be able to reach an agreement, relying on compromise. Solo, you're open to new encounters.


    From the second half of September, under the influence of Mercury in Virgo, you'll be more perceptive. Decisions and risk taking are well thought-out. Financially, you'll find the funds to realise a personal project, and receive the support you've been waiting for. Sentimentally, communication and harmony are preserved.


    No room for boredom! At work, you decide to impose your style. Your working methods are unanimously acclaimed, and your actions are supported by your superiors. In love, Venus helps you stabilise your relationships. Now is the time for commitment. On the fitness front, your batteries are recharged, and you're relying on invigorating activities.


    A wind of change is blowing through your sign, dear Capricorn. In the social sphere, ties are unbreakable. At work, you're more involved, and your curiosity hits the bull's-eye. Sentimentally, you're optimistic. As a couple, you have blind confidence in your partner. If you're single, you'll make a wonderful connection.


    You dream of ending the year on a high note, and your wishes are granted! The environment in which you evolve brings you its share of satisfactions. The planets herald renewed passion in your love life. Magic is in the air! Saturn supports you in your professional decisions. You'll have no shortage of convincing arguments.

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