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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    With Mars in your shadow sector, you're less efficient and productive than usual. You're still tired following a busy 2021 and an eventful festive season! From the 24th, you should be in the mood to start moving your life forward again, helped by Jupiter. With Venus in your sign, trine Uranus in Taurus, love is in the air!


    Mars encourages you to look for ways to move your personal and professional projects forward. Jupiter and Neptune should help you taste success, so the time has come for you to start making your own luck! The Venus/Mars conjunction in your sign, and sextile Jupiter then Neptune, continues to look after your love life. You and your partner are inseparable!


    Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun encourage you to be more flexible, tolerant and open-minded this month. You should enjoy meeting plenty of interesting new people as a result! Thanks to Mercury in Pisces, you're able to peacefully and eloquently get your messages across. Around March 20, expect your finances to stress you out...


    The Saturn/Sun sextile teaches you how to manage your finances even more wisely and efficiently than usual. You're very good at sticking to a predefined budget, and spending more money than you actually have at your disposal is out of the question. Would you like to fall in love with a complete stranger while on a trip away?

  • MAY

    Mars and Neptune in Pisces fill you with confidence and self-belief. You're extremely inspired and very good at multitasking without spreading yourself too thin, for a change. A lot more relaxed and laid-back than usual, you will enjoy having as many irons in the fire as you possibly can this month!

  • JUNE

    Mars and Jupiter in Aries trigger arguments and disagreements under your roof... You and your little family could spend most of the month screaming at one another! The dissonances of Mars and Pluto prevent you from making peace with your loved ones at the end of the month... Stay strong, my Capricorn friend!

  • JULY

    The Mercury/Sun duo trine Neptune helps you communicate with your other half, colleagues and business partners. You're able to keep your cool whenever something doesn't go your way or according to plan. More tolerant and flexible than usual, your life feels more peaceful. Venus encourages you to be flirty!


    With Mercury, you're desperate to explore the world we live in! Its trine towards Uranus encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people from all kinds of different backgrounds. You can't wait to go traveling again! If you're meant to attend a job interview, Mars and Uranus should vouch for you.


    Mercury clashing with Jupiter triggers arguments at home and/or in the workplace... Nobody wants to talk to you or answer your questions! You could struggle to find an important document you've been asked to provide... Venus helps you smile again by encouraging you to talk about your problems. You feel supported and understood!


    Your professional life is a real source of satisfaction. The Mercury/Venus/Sun trio helps you take successful initiatives and move your career forward. Attend as many meetings as you can! You will be proud of yourself. Besides, the trine formed with the Saturn in the house of money should give your finances a nice little boost!


    A great trio supports your projects! Venus, Mercury and the Sun send their positive vibes your way. Besides, the trine formed with Neptune/Jupiter could introduce you to the love of your life and/or help you make new friends! You're not going to forget this month any time soon... Bring as many of your ideas to life as possible!


    You keep a low profile at the beginning of the month. You need to recharge your batteries in time for the start of the festive season after a stressful and demanding year! Mercury, Venus and the Sun will then move to your sign to help you end 2022 in style! You've learned so much about yourself over the last 12 months...

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